Gummy Bear Science

When we were talking about what the children knew about bears some children began to talk about Gummy Bears.

Vinnie said he knew an experiment where the bears get bigger so we decided to give it a go and see if we could make our Gummy Bears bigger.

We made it more interesting by putting our Gummy Bears in different liquids and seeing if it made a difference. Everyone predicted what would happen and we recorded it in our Floor Book.


Then we left our Gummy Bears alone for a week only looking to see what was happening.


Look at our Gummy Bears next to the original sized ones. Can you see what has happened? We recorded our ideas again in our Floor Book.


We loved that they’d got bigger! We talked about how it had happened and OSMOSIS!

What have we been learning?

  • How to carry out an experiment fairly
  • to predict what might happen
  • to talk about what we saw happen
  • to think about possible reasons for what we’ve seen

How can you continue the learning at home?

  • Look out for other fun Science experiments you can do together at home online and in Science books
  • Try the Gummy Bear experiment at home- you could try it with different liquids such as washing up liquid.
  • Don’t forget to let us know what happens on either en email or wow moment.



The Day we went to Build a Bear

This week was very exciting as we went on our first school trip. We caught the bus and went to Build a Bear Workshop at Meadowhall. This was all part of the learning we’ve been doing about Anti-Bullying Week.

Dalton was able to talk all about it….. “We came in Build a Bear and sit on the floor and we build a bear with fluff and then Elisha put clothes on it and after that we had a picture. After that we had a look at lights and after that eat dinner” 

Here are the pictures of how we got to Meadowhall. First we had to walk to the bus stop remembering what we’ve learnt about road safety when we were near the busy roads. We wore our tabards so we were bright and easy to see.

Then we could see Build a Bear Workshop! Everyone was very excited.


We went into Build a Bear Workshop and Ryan helped us to make our bear. We had to choose which type of bear we wanted and which clothes she was going to wear. We had to work as a team and vote for our favourites. We understood that we got to decide as a whole class so it might not be our first choice which was picked.

We even got to vote for our bear’s name. The winner was Millie Ethel.

Here we all are with our new friend. Can you spot her?


After we’d got our we went to look at some of the Christmas lights and we found the Lego shop as well. It made us wonder what we could make from Lego back at school.

After that we even had time for a picnic at Meadowhall with our special school sandwiches before we headed back to school.

The children were very well behaved during the visit and got a certificate on Friday in Special Mentions Assembly for being Charming Citizens and excellent ambassadors for our school.

If you want to see photos of the whole story of The Day we went to Build a Bear look out for the book in our book corner or when Millie Ethel starts coming to your homes.

A big thank you to the parents/ carers who came with us. We wouldn’t be able to go on visits without your support.

If you would like to come with us on visits, please speak to us in school and we’ll let you know when we’re going and what you need to do. 

What have we been learning? 

  • To be part of a collective team effort to build a bear. 
  • To know we have to share the bear altogether and be friends. 
  • to stay safe when we’re out near the roads and in public places. 
  • To look at and talk about the Christmas lights and everything else we saw on the day. 

What can you do to continue the learning at home? 

  • Go on visits with your child to different places in Sheffield. There are lots of places you can go for free such as The Winter Gardens, Weston Park Museum and Ecclesall Woods or Norfolk Park. Talk about how these places are the same and different to other places you have been. 
  • Continue to remind your child about road safety when near roads and refer to when we go places with school. All the children we’re brilliant when we went as a class. 
  • Look out for the bear coming to your home after Christmas for the weekend or a couple of nights!!!!

Storytelling Workshop- Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Our oral storytelling story this half term has been Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr./ Eric Carle. The children have loved the repetitive text and are really good at retelling the whole story.


During the last week of half term we invited our parents and carers in to listen to us tell the story and also sing our Goldilocks song. We had to work hard to remember all the words and also the Makaton actions we’d been learning. They all said we did an amazing job.


Then we went back to the classrooms because it was our job to teach our grown ups the story. To help us we made a storytelling necklace to take home. We had to make sure we used the right colours and put them in the right order.


Our parents and carers all had a great time and have told us they’ve started using the necklace at home already to practice the story. Thanks to everyone who came to support us. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the next Storytelling workshop next half term.

We’re hoping to put the video of our storytelling and song up here soon so you can watch along at home if you missed it, or just want to watch it again.


Build A Bear Workshop Trip

As part of our theme about Bears, we went to Build A Bear Workshop at Meadowhall.


Click on the icon for more Build A Bear information.Everyone had a wonderful time catching the bus, helping to choose our bear, putting their love hearts in the bear, choosing an outfit and name for our new bear. We then caught the bus back to school and talked about all the different things we could see.


We all love having Sunshine in Onyx class and have been doing a great job of sharing out the cuddles. We’re looking forward to Sunshine coming to our homes soon and finding out what other adventures she goes on.



We’re Going On Bear Hunt

The other week we went on a bear hunt in Onyx and Garnet classes. We read the Michael Rosen book and retold it ourselves. Then we had to remember what happened when to help Miss Parker draw the story map. We did a great job remembering all the different words to describe the places.


After we decided we wanted to have a go ourselves at drawing and writing our own maps. We did a fabulous job at drawing the different places and even made up some new ones of our own. There were mountains on them and even rock pools. The children were sharing the space and resources and working collaboratively to complete their maps.



The children were really showing off their mark making skills. Look at some of the finished results…


We also wrote signs to keep people safe on the Hunt with children listening for the sounds they could hear and writing them. Look at this excellent example of early writing…


There were lots more ways in the provision for us to retell the story in different ways. Some of us even started making up our own stories.


We loved going on a Bear Hunt!