Best Attendance Spring Term 2018


Well done Onyx Class!

You had the best Attendance in the whole of Foundation Stage and Key Stage One for the Spring term. That means you came to school more than any other class between Christmas and Easter!

We hope you enjoyed your special treat of extra ‘park’ time and snacks 🙂

Thanks to all the parents and carers for making sure your children are in school everyday and on time. It makes a massive difference to your child’s learning and gives them the best chance of success.



Our Easter Chick Hunt


We had a great time when the Easter Bunny came to say hello. He was a little bit sneaky though and just left a clue in our classroom for us to follow. We had to go around the whole school reading the clues and working out where we had to go next. We are able to do most of the reading ourselves now. We kept spotting chicks on the way which helped. When we got back to the classroom the Easter Bunny had brought us some Easter eggs 🙂 We all had a wonderful time and it was a great chance for us to practise our ever improving reading skills.

This is the first and the last clue….

We loved our Easter Chick Hunt and wish the Easter Bunny would come back everyday! (Some of us did get to see him at the 100% Attendance Disco later that day :-))


Autumn Term Punctuality and Attendance

We found out this week who had the best attendance for Autumn term in Onyx class after October half term. Look at all the children who had 100% attendance for November and December…


We also got the good news that Onyx class had the best class Punctuality and Attendance for the whole of Autumn Term in KS1 and Foundation Term. Miss French will be coming soon to tell us what our special well done treat is. We can’t wait to find out!


Well done everyone. Lets hope that Spring Term is just as successful.



Attendance Superstars

During our first ever full time half term in school, we had a great attendance record.

100% Attendance.png

We won the Attendance Trophy for the best weekly attendance in the whole of FS and KS1 a couple of times.

We also won the Punctuality Trophy for the least lates in a week for the whole of FS and KS1 a few times.

Miss French and our teachers were also really proud of us when we found out how many children in Onyx class had 100% attendance for the first half of Autumn term. Can you believe 17 out of 29 children came to school every single day?!? That’s brilliant. A huge well done to all these children…


And also to Jenna who also had 100% for the first Autumn half term 🙂

If you come to school every day for a whole term then you get to go to the special 100% Attendance Disco. For the Christmas 100% Attendance Disco,  Father Christmas often makes an appearance. All the children above still have their invite- they just need to come everyday until Christmas to keep it.

Dont worry if your child has had a day off, we start again after Christmas and the children can work towards the Easter 100% Attendance Disco.

You will have had a individual letter with your child’s attendance on this week. Please ask if you have any questions.


Attendance and Punctuality Winners!

We were very excited this week when two very shiny trophies arrived in our classroom! We had won not only the Attendance award for FS and KS1 but the Punctuality award as well.


Miss Parker and all the other teachers were very proud of us. We’re hoping we win it again next week and every week! Miss French has told us there’s a special surprise if we get the best attendance and best punctuality for the half term.

Keep coming to school everyday on time everybody!