The Gingerbread man hunt!

Mrs Murch set the whole school a challenge to make some treats  for the Macmillan coffee morning, to raise as much money as we could for charity. We have been learning about what charity is, and discussing how we could help people. Miss Boyd has been really impressed with all of the children in Onyx class being so kind, thoughtful and eager to help.

Every year group was making different delicious treats. We decided that our class would make some gingerbread men!

Harvey: “We are gonna sell them and make lots of money to help sick people. We could buy them some trampolines. That would cheer them up ”

First, Miss Boyd found us a recipe to follow. We know it’s important to read the recipe carefully because it tells you what to do.

We carefully measured out and counted the right number of cups. Then we had to mix up the ingredients! We rolled out the dough and used the cutters to cut out the gingerbread men. It was lots of messy fun! We worked really hard as a team with everyone helping out!

Miss Boyd baked the gingerbread men in the oven with some children’s help. The gingerbread men were ready and waiting for the coffee morning on Friday.

But… when we got to school on Friday morning, they had disappeared!

What do you think happened?

Atrisa, “the gingerbread men came to life and ran away!”

Jay, “The bad man might have broken in and stolen them.”

Riley- Mae “Someone ate them last night!”

Then we found a clue! We read it together: “I didn’t want to be a snack. Now you will never get me back! You will have to go and look where there are lots and lots of books!

Brooklyn, “there are lots of books in the book corner”!

Miss Boyd told us about a place in school where there are lots of books called the library, so we decided to go there. We alked around school sensibly holding hands and looking out for clues!


Saedi – Grace “crumbles on the floor!”

We followed the clues all over school! We went to the nursery, to the outside area, the dinner hall, the office, even to the staff room, where the teacher’s drink their tea.


Finally, we found a clue which told us to go to the best classroom in school, we knew it must be Onyx class!

We followed the clues all the way back to our classroom. There we found the gingerbread men hiding under Miss Boyd’s chair.

“You should have checked there first!” said Zayyan.

Lois, “The gingerbread men were tricking us! He came back when we wern’t looking”

We each enjoyed eating a gingerbread man. They were delicious!


What have we been learning?

about the wider world, some of the problems people face and how we can help them.

About where different places are in our school.

How following instructions carefully can be very useful.


What you can do at home:

Allow  your child to help with simple cooking, following a recipe.












Settling in

All of the teachers in Onyx class would like to say a huge welcome to all of our new children and parents! Miss Boyd, Miss Deakin, and all of the teachers have
been so proud of how well the children have settled in to school.

It has been lovely to start to get to know each child, and we can’t wait to help them on their learning journey over the next year. Already the children have made an amazing start! We have had lots of fun exploring the learning environment and learning rules and routines. We all had lots of time to make new friends and for those who came to
Prince Edwards Nursery to meet back up with their old friends.

Look at us all on our first day of school! Can you find yourself and your friends?






Once we had settled into our new classes, we first of all talked about our rights: we all have the right to feel safe and happy, to be listened to, to have fun, and to learn. We discussed what we needed to do to make sure that this can happen, and decided on our very own class charter. We agreed upon our class promise together and everyone signed it.

We then explored different feelings, looking at the characters from the Pixar film, Inside Out. We all feel sad, happy and worried at different times. We talked about when we feel different emotions and what we can do when we feel worried or angry.

The children have made a fantastic start to the year, tried new things, amde new friends and enjoyed playing, exploring and learning inside and outside. Here are some things we have enjoyed doing, recorded in our class floor book.




Don’t forget to keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to.
And don’t forget to let us know what you’ve been doing at home on the class email address. Please ask in class if you’re not sure what it is.


A Map, an Email and a Postbox

We were watching the beans we grew after the holidays and started to discuss where the beans might grow to. This led to learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack sent us a warning letter telling us what happened to his beanstalk. Thankfully we didn’t see any giants! What we did spot was the address on the top of the letter. After we wrote Jack a letter back we started to talk about where we lived and our addresses.


We loved looking at Google Maps and finding out school and some of our houses. We talked for a long time about what our streets were. Miss Parker found a map of Sheffield and we drew our houses and the routes we went on it.


Some children drew their own maps outside. We talked about our house numbers and collected them from our friends. We even learnt to count in twos for when the house numbers zig zag up the street.


We decided we were going to see if our addresses worked and send a letter to our homes. It was Father’s Day so some of our wrote letters to our Dads but we were allowed to chose who we wanted to write our letter to.


Everyone wrote their own letter and then we went to the post box to post our letter. Before we set off we checked on the map for how of get there. Everyone posted their letter. We wondered how long it would take for them to get to our homes.


On our way back to school we found the street sign which told us the address for our school.


We were very excited when we found our letters at home and our families were excited to see how good we had got at writing. We asked them what they thought. Here is what some of them had to say….


It made us think if there was a quicker way to send messages. We found out about email. First we emailed Mrs Briggs and she emailed us back. We found the message when we got to school the next day so we knew it was quick.


On Tuesday when Miss Parker is doing her teacher jobs we decided to email her. It made us wonder if we could move faster than an email. We sent an email and then headed upstairs to see what got their fastest- the email or the children?


The email won!

We had got really good at sending emails and using the keyboard to type so Miss Parker asked if we would like to email her friend Stephanie in America. We wondered how long it would take an email to get all the way to America.

We thought what we would like to know about  America and typed some questions. There was a reply the very next day! We were amazed by how quickly the email travelled round the whole world. Stephanie emailed us back with some photos of America. We all wish we had a pool in our back garden.


We found lots of ways to make our messages in the provision. Some of use wrote secret messages using the special pens. Some of us made our own laptops and wrote emails of our own.


We also had a go at special secret message writing. We wrote the message in lemon juice and then used the heat from the candle to make it appear again. It took a while and we had to wait but when it worked it was like magic!


What have we been learning? 

  • Where we live and where other people live. 
  • What our local environment is like talking about our journey to school. 
  • About maps and our place in the world. 
  • About our address and how it helps us find our house. 
  • Writing for a purpose to send a letter to our home. 
  • About email and different ways of communicating. 

How can you continue the learning? 

  • Allow your child to look at a map app, such as Google Maps, when out and about so children can see how it works. Talk about where places are in relation to others 
  •  Make sure your your child knows their address but also knows to keep personal information safe and private. 
  • Write letters and postcards to other family members and post them in the post box. 
  • Send a letter back to your child in school. 



Eid Mubarak

Throughout the month of Ramadan we had been thinking about the Islamic celebration of Eid and why Muslims celebrate Ramadan. We had a Ramadan Advent calendar and used it to count down. We learnt that we had to wait for the new moon.


While we were opening our calendar it started a discussion about Ramadan and  Eid. Some of our friends in Onyx class are Muslims and celebrate at their houses. They shared what they knew with us all. Everyone was interested to know what happened.

Zane’s mum, Sara, came to speak to us. She also works at our school so lots of us know her. She told us about some of the decorations of their house and what they eat to break their fast every morning. Did you know during Ramadan grown up Muslims are not allowed to eat when the sun is up? it is called a fast. This is help them think about people who do not have lots of the things they need, like lots of food.

Sara sent us an email to show us some picture of these things.



We wrote a reply to Sara using our class email account.


Once we arrived back at school after the Spring Bank break we knew some children in our class would need a day off school. This is because Eid was finally here. We decided we would like to have a celebration all together so we planned for a party with the rest of Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.

We decided to bake biscuits for our party. We made them in the shapes of stars and made sure we made enough to share with all our friends.


Zane’s big brother came to show us the special prayer mat and how it is used for praying. We were all very interested to find out what happened.

And then it was the day of our celebration. We started the day with a workshop for our parents and carers. It was wonderful to see so many of our families stay and make Ramadan and Eid crafts with us.

In the afternoon we all gathered in the main hall together. We were allowed to bring our party clothes to get changed into. Everyone had a wonderful time dancing to traditional music and enjoying the special foods.

Everyone LOVED our special Eid celebrations 🙂

What have we been learning?

  • That different religions have different celebrations.
  • About some of the special things that Muslims do at Ramadan and Eid.
  • About how we are the same and different as our friends.

How can can you continue the learning at home?

  • Talk to your child about the different things that your family celebrate.
  • Talk about how we are the same and different to each other.
  • Look on the CBeebies programme Lets Celebrate and find out more. Click here to watch the videos. 
  • Go to the Library and find some books about Islam, Ramadan and Eid. 51FF059B-FE57-41B4-83F0-50B6791E322C



Global Citizenship Week 2019- TASC

Following on from our Environment Week it was Global Citizenship Week in school. We wanted to continue our learning about Wall-e and what was good about our environment. However, we also needed to think about the things that we wanted compared to the things that need.

At first we all knew what we wanted but it was hard to think about what we might really need. We went on a walk around school to look for the different things we needed and wanted. Children commented on these as we walked round. We were starting to understand that although we wanted and liked toys and sweets we did not need them. We took lots of photos of the things we found and when we got back to the classroom sorted them out.


We decided that the things we needed kept us safe and alive. The things that we wanted might keep us happier but we didn’t need them.

To make us think about this a little bit more we returned to our thinking about Wall-e and when all the humans left Planet Earth. We thought about what we would take to a new planet with us if we had to leave Planet Earth.

We used the TASC wheel to work in groups and create something to show what we would take with us. Can you remember what we created?

A rainbow- because we need sun and rain on our new planet and when you get sunshine and rain you get a rainbow!

A garden- because we need plants to survive. They help us breathe good air and make food for us.

A tree- because the tree takes the bad things out the air and puts good air back.

A map-to show our new planet and what we would take with us.

An exercise bike- because we need to do lots of exercise to keep us fit and healthy (We talked about the humans in Wall-e who had got lazy and fat)

You can see all of our learning in the Floor Book.

What have we been learning? 

  • The difference between want and need. 
  • What keeps us safe in school and at home. 
  • What we could take to our new planet. 

How can can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Talk about things at home that you need and want. 
  • Go for a walk round your house and talk about what keeps you safe. 
  • Make something else you would take to a new planet that you might need. 

Environment Week 2019- Wall-E

BDABE960-D692-4189-B95F-81360F98E9510B3A15C3-1CBD-4A6B-B3DA-A586B6703F47During Environment Week we decided to use Wall-E to help us learn about the sort of environment we would like to live in. We thought that Earth in the future was messy and dirty and not very nice. We also learnt how important  plants were.

We decided to plant some beans to add some more plants to our environment. There were some other seeds as well and we talked about which one would grow fastest if we put them in a race.

Look what happened to the bean only a week later!


We also talked about 3-D shape a lot during the week as Miss Parker set us a challenge to build our own Wall-E but only once we could talk about the shapes we needed to make him.

Doesn’t he look wonderful? He even has a flap on the front so he can open it and put the rubbish inside. You might be able to spot some kids from Garnet class there was well who came to help us.

We also worked with our friends from Nursery outside to create a giant Wall-E. He was bigger than we were!


Our parents and carers made lots of comments on our learning about Wall-E during Environment Week.

What have we been learning? 

  • About what our environment is and what we would like it to look like. 
  • About the importance of plants and why we need them in our environment.
  • About 3-D shapes and how to describe them using the correct words- edge, vertices and faces. 

How you can continue the learning at home! 

  • Collect some boxes and junk modelling- can you make a model of Wall-E or a different robot? 
  • Look for 3-D shapes in your home and think about why it is a good shape for that job, for example, why don’t we have a sphere for a TV? 
  • Tlak  ajot what you like in your home environment and what you don’t like. Make sure you keep it tidy like Wall-E did! 
  • Look at the plants in your garden. Which plants do you have? Could you add any more! 



Looking for Dinosaurs in the Secret Garden

We had been talking about habitats for our dinosaur and where he might have gone. Someone had the idea to go and look in the Secret Garden so off we went…..

On our way up there we spotted a different habitat. I wonder if there is a bird living in there?

Once in the Secret Garden we played a quick game of Where Are  You? to make sure everyone was listening, concentrating and comfortable in the new space.


And then we had a look for some signs of life in the Secret Garden.

We found a trail in the grass, we wondered whether that was where our dinosaur had pushed through the grass. We also found a few feathers but we decided they were from the birds not the dinosaur. We also found a big muddy patch where we looked to see if we could find any more footprints. Sadly there weren’t any but it made us think about footprints.

Miss Parker showed us some different animal footprints. After we’d thought about which animal our footprint came from, we had to find a friend who had the same footprint on their card.

They we had to think of a way to record our footprint but we hadn’t taken any pencils. Miss Parker showed us how to use Mud Paint to draw our footprints.

Sadly we didn’t find a dinosaur in the Secret Garden but we did learn more about habitats and signs to look for if we’re looking for any creatures.

When we got back to class we thought about creating a different habitat. Can you tell who it is for? Which creature would like to live here?

What have we been learning? 

  • Where creatures live and why they choose to live there. 
  • Which signs to look for when searching for creatures in the Secret Garden. 
  • Different ways to record our ideas when there are no pencils. 

How you can continue the learning at home? 

  • Visit a wood or the park. Can you find any signs of creatures there? What do you think might live there. 
  • Make some mud paint in your garden and use sticks to paint. What can you do a picture of?