Making Memories

It has made your teachers smile so much to see all of the wonderful photos of you and your families playing, enjoying the sunshine and making memories with your families!

In many years time, children will probably learn in their history classes at school about the “Lockdown”. When you are older maybe some of you will be teachers, or have your own children and tell them all about it! The time when we all stayed at home from school, made rainbows, clapped for carers, and had birthday parties in lockdown with our families!

This week we made something called a time capsule. Some of us created special boxes to hold our special memories, photos and drawings. Then we can look back on them when lockdown is over and life goes back to normal again.

We wrote about our who families we are with in lockdown, and some of the feelings we have, sometimes happy, sometimes worried. It’s important to talk to your grown up if you feel worried; we all feel that way sometimes! We even wrote diary entries about how we spent our days. Some of us have made a poster to remind us of safety measures we have to take for a little while.

Have a look at some of Onyx class’ memories in lockdown from this week. We’ve had new puppies, birthday parties, picnics, learning to ride a bike with no stabilisers (wow!!) and water fights in the sun!

George has been doing some redecorating!
Birthday Girl!

Celebrating People Who Help Us!

This week Reception have been doing some learning about some of the key workers who are working very hard to keep our country going and keep everyone safe!

We made some cards to say thank you, and some of us even hand delivered them!

We set up our own shops and played customers and shopkeepers with our families, using real money to buy the items.

Then we listened to a story by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson, called “Zog and the Flying Doctors”. Can you remember how Princess Pearl cured her Uncle’s orange fever?

Just like doctor Pearl in the story, we collected some ingredients from inside and outside, and mixed up some of our very own potions to make a cure for Orange fever. Then we wrote a list of ingredients.

Some of us made our own emergency service vehicles, and some of us have been making costumes and dressing up as people who help us.


More Home Learning!

We are all missing each other lots and lots, so it’s been a real treat for Miss Boyd to get to see your smiling faces at home, and to know that you are okay and happy! Thanks for sending in your photos and videos! While we can’t see each other in person, luckily you can see what your friends have been getting up to on our class blog!

Last week, the weather was beautiful and sunny. Lots of us have been enjoying getting outside for some exercise and lovely Spring air. Some of us have even spotted some baby animals!

Look what Harvey and his big brother found hiding in the water on their daily exercise walk!

Can you spot them? They are baby turtles!

What other animals can you see? Can you see any babies?

There are some baby geese! These are called gooslings! Did you know a group of geese is called a gaggle?

There have also been some birthday Celebrations and VE day celebrations!

For our learning this week, we have been playing lots of different games and making up our very own games, whilst practising our mathmatical skills! We have been doing som adding, subtracting, finding one more and one less, and invesigating shapes! We have been very busy!

Well done everyone, stay safe!


Looking after the Environment!

Happy Earth Day Greeting Card Of Green Planet In Heart Shape ...

For the 50th World Earth Day celebration, Reception have been doing some wonderful learning about the world around us! We have really enjoyed exploring nature and learning about little things that we can do to take care of our planet!

First we listened to Miss Deighton reading Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts.

Can you remember what happened to Stanley the plastic bag? What happened to the sea animals when they ate him?

The author of the story, Sarah Roberts, explained a little more about how rubbish in the ocean affects the fish and sea animals.

We were shocked to learn how much rubbish ends up in the occean every year! Some of it goes into big holes in the ground called landfill. Lots and lots of it (up to 12.7 million tones) ends up in the Oceans, like poor Stanley!

But there is something amazing that we can do to keep our rubbish out of the oceans and Landfill: recycling! Recycling means to make rubbish into something new!

Onyx class have been gettig creative and making all sorts of wonderful inventions from plastic bags and other bits of rubbish! Have a look at some of the amazing things they made: wings, an umbrella, a high vis tabard!

Then we had a recycling contest! The children have been super busy helping their grown ups to collect and sort different types of rubbish for recycling: tins, glass, plastic and card.

We have also been making bee hotels, bird feeders, and making pictures of our local environment! Some of us have enjoyed being outside riding bikes and flying kites!


Pirate Adventures at home!

Another week of home learning has come to an end! We know you miss being together in Onyx class, but all of your teachers couldn’t be more proud of you all for staying at home and having such great positive attitudes to learning. We love to see your photos from home of you playing, and having fun!

All of the teachers and staff in school have been missing your smiling faces, laughter and chatter so much, so we have put together this special message for you! We hope that it makes you smile. 🙂

This week we have been doing some learning about pirates! First we went on a shadow hunt!

We made some of our toys walk the plank! We have been investigating which objects float and sink!

We have also been designing and making our own pirate ships, making pirate treasure maps and hiding treasure on our families, and even designing our own pirate characters!

Well done everyone for staying safe at home! Keep checking the blog to see what your friends have been up to!


Smiles in the sun!

Miss Boyd LOVED hearing the children’s voices on the phone this week. It was so lovely to speak to you, and it sounds like you have all been very busy at home. We have been so lucky to have some sunshine recently. Lots of children have been making the most of the lovely weather and playing outside. Have a look what some of your friends have been doing!

We went on a sound/letter hunt in our homes and gardens.

Playing some addition games in the garden with our families!

Exercising like different animals!

Lots of us have been helping to cook and prepare meals!

Harvey’s homemade honecomb! Yum!

Enjoying the sunshine and getting out for some daily exercise.

Thank you everyone for your photos, it is lovely to share with you all! Stay safe!


Home Learning!

After what has been a very strange Easter holidays, we know that all of you children are missing your friends. All of us teachers are really missing your little faces and the sound of laughter in the classroom! But wow we have been so impressed at all of the creative ways you have been making the most of your time at home! It brings a huge smile to our faces seeing your emails telling us what you have been getting up to!

Splashing in muddy puddles looks like so much fun!

Some children have been super helpful doing the gardening! Would you believe that this little boy found 50 snails in his garden, and counted each one! Not to mention, 2 caterpillars and a ladybird!

Some children have been bringing the holiday to their own back gardens!

Some children have been busy baking with their grown ups!

Having a teddy bear’s picnic!

Collecting different materials to make patterns.

Designing Easter eggs!

What a lovely idea! One of our families has created a “wish jar”. When they wish they could go somewhere, they write it down on a piece of paper and pop it in the jar. When life is back to normal, they have lots of ideas for things to do!

Thanks for all your lovely photos and videos! Stay safe everyone!