Onyx class at home!

Although we haven’t been able to be together in school recently, we have been so impressed with how the children have been settling into their new routines. Whether you are trying out some of the home learning suggestions that teachers have been sending to your grown ups, or enjoying playing with your family and following your own interests, we are so proud of you all Onyx class!

Have a look at what some of your friends have been up to!

Wow!! Look who has learned to ride their bike with no stabilisers!! What an acheivement Carter!

Have a look at some of these wonderful loose part pictures!

Top left – Carter’s self portrait. Bottom left – Kallums “an octupus girl holding a flower”

Some children have been having fun ordering numbers and hiding them on their grown ups!

Wow! Can you read these wonderful letters to the farmer!

A few of our children have even been providing entertainment to their lucky families, acting out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with props! Hopefully when we are back to school you will all be able to watch the live performance on video! It was a real treat!

Well done everyone! Thank you for sharing your learning at home. We love to see what you’ve been up to.


100 Amazing days of Reception!

Since we started Reception back at the beginning of the year, we have been counting down the days every day to day 100. Our teachers promised that when we reached day 100, we would celebrate with a fantastic party!

Finally, when the day arrived, everyone was so excited. But first… Miss Boyd and Miss Deakin set everyone lots of challenges to complete before our party!

Making a monster with 100 legs! The children put them in groups of ten, then in counted in tens to count them all!

The children worked together to try and write 100 words as a class!

The children used great problem solving skills to complete the 100 puzzle with numicon pieces!

Making a string of 100 beads!

It was tricky on our own!
But as a team the children were able to smash the challenge!

Some of the children found an easy way to count 100 items! Placing each one on the giant hundred square! What a clever idea!

Our teacher’s were so impressed with how we all worked together. Everyone agreed that the children’s fantastic teamwork, resilence and perseverance was amazing! We are so proud of how all the children have grown in confidence, are willing to try new things, and work as a team! Well done Onyx class!

Everyone agreed the children had earned a party! We first had some special pop and some delicious treats Look at all those smiling faces!

We had some music, dancing and party games! Everyone had a lovely time!

In our floor book time we remembered back to our very first day at school! Some people were nervous, some people were excited.

Jay, “I was a bit nervous cus I don’t know anybody”

Carter, “I was nervous at first but then I was so happy”

Remi, “My tummy felt a bit funny”.

Asma, “I was excited”

We agreed that change can sometimes be a bit scary, but we love our Onyx class family!

The children shared their favourite things about reception.

Harvey, “My best bit was meeting kallum”.

Lois, “I love playing with my friends”.

Riley-Mae ” I love all the parties and when I dress up”.

Jay “when we had them noodles for Chinese celebrations”.

It was a very special day of celebrations! Well done Everyone!


Fairtrade Fortnight!

On Monday we discovered a mystery package filled with some of our favourite foods; bannanas, chocolate, oranges, honey, sugar, and lots more! We also found a strange letter from a boy called George. It said, “The World has come to your place”! We wondered what this might mean!

Where does our food come from?

Jamie, “I get my food in Asda”

Remi, “you have to go and get it in the shop”

Atrisa, “You have to go and buy it”

Abdul, “It comes from the factories and then they make it and they give it to the customers”.

We talked about all of our favourite foods! Then we looked on the internet and discovered where food comes from before it gets to the shops! We were shocked to find that some of our favourite foods travel a very long way to get to us! Even as far as Africa!

Later we read the story “The World Came to my place today!”, and the mystery package started to make more sense!

We were very interested in where our food comes from, and how it gets to us. Miss Boyd found a really intereting video which showed us how the farmers in Columbia grow bannanas! Please click on the link to see it! https://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/resource/pablo-the-super-banana/

We thought the bannana farmers worked very hard! But some farmers don’t get paid very much money for their hard work!

Lathen, “That’s not fair!”

We thought about the things that grown ups use money for!

Carter, “to buy clothes, and to have a house or if you want a bigger house you need money”

Jamie “to buy food”

We decided that it was only fair that the farmers get enough money to get things they need for their families!

This mark is the fairtrade mark!

Image result for fairtrade mark

When you see this on your food it means…

Zayyan, “The farmers get paid lots of money”

We explored lots of different foods that we had found in the mystery package, and found that lots of the foods had the fair trade mark! That means the farmers got paid enough to take care fo their families! We thought this was a fantastic idea!

We learned about how you make chocolate, from a cocoa bean, to a yummy chocolate bar! Then Miss Boyd found lots of interesting flavours for us to try!

Can you remember which one was your favourite?

Everyone voted for their favourite! Then we presented the data in the chart bellow.

Can you see which one was the most and least popular?

We had some left over chocolate and we decided to use to make some treats! We all suggested some different delicious goodies, but we decided to make rice crispie buns!

We wern’t sure how to make them, so we found a recipe and everyone helped to read it! We worked as a team to follow the instructions!

What have we been learning about?

where our food comes from.

about our place in the world and at similarities and differences in different communities around the world

about voting and presenting data in different ways, tally charts, pictograms and bar charts.

How can you continue the learning at home?

See https://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/ website for lots of fun ideas and information about fairtrade.

Look for the fairtrade when out shopping with your child. Ask them to tell you what it means!


Pancakes Galore!

In Onyx class every day we look at our calendar and talk about exciting events that are coming up. The children were really excited about pancake day coming up! So we decided to do some preparation for the big day!

First, we loved reading the story of Mr Wolves Pancakes!

Can you remember who the main character was?

Our favourite; the big bad wolf!

In our story, the wolf needed to write a list first, and go to the shop, and then he had to follow a recipe to show him what to do!

The children were so helpful, using their phonic knowledge to make a list for Miss Boyd to go shopping.

The next day she got the ingredients, but we didn’t know how to make them! Miss Boyd found a recipe and everyone helped to read it!

First we washed our hands, so that no germs would go in our food! We don’t want to make anyone ill. The children worked as a team to make the pancakes themselves. When we went to the food tech room to fry them, we had to be very very careful. The pan gets very hot, so Miss Deakin fried the pancakes. Can you remember how the mixture changed?

Everyone agreed, our pancakes were delicious!

What have we been learning about?

Measuring time using the calendar and celebrating events with our families and freinds.

Applying our phonic knowledge to reading for a purpose e.g reading a recipe

Being safe, careful and responsible around kitchen equipment e.g. hot pans.

How can you continue learning at home?

Encourage your child to read for a purpose e.g. following a recipe.

Follow simple recipes together, allowing your child to be as independent as possible, talking about the risks.


Building Houses

The children in Onyx class have noticed that everyday the houses across the road from school are getting a little taller! You can even hear some very noisy machines at the building site from our outside area! We have been getting very curious, so we decided to go and have a look!

We seen lots of interesting things at the building site, and the children were very curious about which materials were best for building houses! Most of our houses are made out of bricks!

Abdul, “They have bricks and cement and that makes it stick”.

We enjoyed reading the story of the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and finding out how they built their houses! In fact we loved the story so much, we decided to act it out ourselves with children being our favourite characters in the story!

Lots of us have been exploring different materials to build houses! We tested some different materials to see who could build the strongest house: some bricks, some staws, and some sticks. Then we had lots of fun using Miss Boyd’s haridryer as the Big Bad wolf! As we suspected the lego brick houses were the only houses not to blow away!

The children have also been doing some fantastic teamwork in the workshop, transforming a boring old cardboard box, into a beautiful house fit for the three little pigs to live in!

We have had such fun learning about houses and the three little pigs, we decided next week we wanted to learn even more about houses!

What have we been learning?

  • About our immediate environment, and different types of professions such as builders.
  • About how to stay safe when out and about walking as a class.
  • Exploring different types of materials.
  • Learning to enjoy and retell traditional tales

How can you carry on learning at home?

  • Visit your local Libary and borrow a copy of three little pigs, there are lots of different versions available.
  • Talk to your child about different occupations.
  • provide your child with old boxes and materials for designing and building things! Let their imaginations run wild!

Chinese New Year!

In Onyx class we have loved learning about Chinese New Year. We have had a fantastic time trying new experiences and learning about another culture!

We are very lucky to have some experts in our class, Jamie and Hannah, who have been able to share lots of information with us about how they celebrate at home with their families!

Firstly we loved shared some delicious traditional chinese food, dumpings and noodles, cooked fresh for us by Jamie’s Mummy! Everyone agreed she is a fantastic cook!

After Hannah’s Mummy sent us some interesting pictures, including this one, where you can find out which animal represents the year you were born! Can you remember what your animal was?

The children loved learning about the Chinese Zodiac story, of how each animal came to have a year named after them. We had a great time having our own races outside as the charcters from the story. The children have been learning all about how the ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. are used to show which position they came in.

Then, we watched a video of the chinese Dragon dance in Hong Kong! Everone couldn’t believed how the dragon and the lion jumped and moved! We decided we could make our very own dragon to perform a dance with on Friday.

We had a great time performing our dance at the end, working as a team!

Finally, Hannah had told us about a tradition that we were really excited about. For Chinese New Year, children are given a special red envelope with some money inside as good luck for the year.

We all decided to write our own wish for the year and make our own envelopes to put them inside. Our teacher’s surprised us with something inside everyones envelopes on Friday! Can you remember what it was? Look at all of those excited faces!

What have we been learning about?

  • about other cultures and celebrations that ourt friend’s observe with their family.
  • to work together on a collaberative art project.
  • to write for purpose using our phonic knowledge.
  • to order numbers using language 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

How can you carry on the learning at home?

  • talk about about special celebrations and show children videos of various celebrations.
  • Make some lantern crafts with your children.

Going to the Library!

Onyx class has recently started to visit our local library at Manor Top! The children loved going to the library for the first time. We had to be super sensible because it meant going out of school and up past all the busy roads on Manor Top. We had to use the green man to help us cross the road and make sure we stopped at all the kerbs to check for cars. Some of our parents even came with us to help us cross the busy roads.

We were all very excited to see the Library. Some of us had been before but not everyone had.


When we got into the Library we all took our coats off and found a special mat to sit on. We had to think about our behaviour in the Library and what might be the same and different to being in school. Everyone listened carefully when we knew we had to be quiet. We also remembered to walk around the Library and look after the books putting them back carefully when we’d finished with them.

Then Miss Boyd and the teachers let us look at the books. We had a great time looking for the ones we thought looked the best. We were lucky so many grown ups came with us so they could help read the books with us. Some children found books they’d read before at home or in Nursery, some children found new books which they thought looked interesting for them.

We were sad when it was time to go back to school but we will get to visit again soon. Next time we can hopefully take a book home with us.

A BIG, BIG thank you to all the parents/ carers who came with us to the library 🙂  We love when you come to the Library with us. Look out for the next date in the classroom if you would like to come with us next time. 

What have we been learning? 

  • to cross the roads safely. 
  • to adapt our behaviour to different places and if we meet different people. 
  • to enjoy looking at books for pleasure and looking for our favourites to read. 
  • to spend quiet time looking at books on our own and with friends and grown ups. 

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • make sure your child has a FREE Library Card so they can bring a book home the next time we go the Library. Ask in class for a form to complete, 
  • visit the Library with your child and look at the books together. 
  • enjoy books together everyday.  A book at bedtime is an important part of your child’s bedtime routine. 
  • talk to your child about staying safe near the roads and make sure you always model good behaviour near the roads because your children will copy what you do, even if you tell them to do differently.