A Gingerbread Man Hunt

We had a special visitor come to our new school. He left a clue for us and we had to work out where to go next to find out who he was. It was a fantastic chance to have a look round our new school as we went upstairs and downstairs, along corridors and outside too! Do you think we found him in the end? Read on to find out….

Look at the pictures with your child to see if they remember where we went and which rooms we had to go to.

The first clue we found in the classroom said to find a room with lots of books. Off we went to find the Library…. We have a library in school as well as the visits we make to Manor Top Library. You can issue books for your child. Please ask for more details.

imageWe found another clue in the Library so couldn’t stay to read. We didn’t want the Gingerbread Man to get away from us. Next we had to go to the place where people answer the phones before finding the room we eat in- the office and the hall of course!


We found out there is only one hall in our new school where we have dinner, do PE and have all our assemblies. We can’t wait to do PE for the first time. Our next clue said to go where they are 3 so it was off to Nursery next to see the three year olds there.


From Nursery we had to go outside and all the way down to the MUGA (multi-use games area). The Gingerbread Man did well did get down there and back without anyone seeing him. Next we had to go where the teachers drink their tea which meant the staff room. The staff room is back upstairs but this time we used the yellow stairs. Did you know there’s a blue staircase and a yellow one?


We asked Mrs Ainsley if she’d seen the Gingerbread Man and she hadn’t but he’d left another note. After checking in Miss French’s office too we followed the clue the Gingerbread Man left to go to the room which is best. Valerie said straight away “our classroom!”


We all had a great time chasing the Gingerbread Man and although we didn’t find him we loved eating the gingerbread men he left. It was a great way to get to know our new school.

We hope the Gingerbread Man comes back again soon.

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