Writing in our Writing Journals

Since the Easter holidays we’ve been enjoying improving our writing by writing in our new writing journals. We’re allowed to write in them everyday if we want but we have to write in them every week. Each time we write in them we get a special writing ticket which goes in the box. We only get tickets if we’ve done the very best writing that we can do. If our teachers think we can do better we have to start again.  On Friday we pull a ticket out of the box and that person wins a writing prize, such as a pen or pencil. The more writing you’ve done the more chance you’ve got of winning. image

Look at how hard we are concentrating. Can you see the phoneme strip that we use to remember what the letters look like?  Can you see the sentence hand that is being used to help us remember finger spaces? Here are big versions of them so you can see properly. The phoneme strip is from the Jolly Phonics scheme.


The children are making great progress in their writing and it is particularly lovely to see their confidence grow as they are expected to do more by themselves. They are really meeting the challenge as they get ready for Y1!


These are just a few examples. If you would like to look at your child’s you’ll find they’re writing journal in their drawer. You’re welcome to have a look but please put it back in their drawer when you’ve looked.

Don’t forget to complete a wow moment if your child impresses you with any writing at home. We’d love to see it in school. 


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