What’s happening?

We’ll try and update this page with all the important dates you need and upcoming events in FS2.

Reading Diaries

Please return reading diaries to school everyday after reading with your child. We’re  sending home levelled reading books so your children can start to read to you. We’ve sent some of the tricky words which your child should be starting to remember for homework so remember to use these in your reading too.

PE Kits

We still need everyone’s PE kit in school in a labelled bag. Please remember to label all items of clothing- you’ll be amazed what goes missing if not!!! Please remember to return PE kits to school if you take them home to wash in the holidays.

WOW Moments

We love hearing about everything you’ve been doing at home. Please complete as many WOW moments as you want to tell us the great learning your child has been doing at home. Learning is not just for school!


Thank you for all the homework which has been returned this week. Please check the poster in the cloakroom to see how many stickers your child has got. Remember homework comes home on a Thursday and is returned to school on Tuesday.

As always, any questions please ask. There is no such thing as a silly question. If you’re not sure just ask one of us 🙂

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