Day 100 Celebrations

We have been counting to Day 100 since our first full day of school all the way back in September. It seems like such a long time ago and we’ve all changed and grown up so much. Can you remember your first day of school? Look back by clicking on this link.

There were lots of different counting activities happening during the day and we’re going to spend the week looking at big numbers. What’s the biggest number you can think of? 

We’re also going to be reading lots of books with big numbers in them.

To celebrate our 100th day in school we had a little party to say well done to all the children. Harrison was overheard at the party saying, “I love this party”. We did all have a really good time 🙂




A Brand New Year!

Welcome to a brand new year in Onyx FS2 class at Prince Edward Primary. We’re excited to have everybody in school and have already been doing some amazing learning while we settle into full-time school.

Look at some of the fun we’ve been having….

image image

Miss Parker and the other teachers are really pleased at how well we’ve been settling into school. We’ll have some more pictures of the fun things we’ve been doing to show you soon. Come back and keep checking!