A Visit from the Dogs Trust

On Tuesday we had a visit from the Dogs Trust. We talked all about dogs and if anyone in Onyx Class had a pet dog.

Then we talked about the foods that dogs like to eat and also the foods that make dogs poorly so we know how to help take care of our dogs at home. Can you remember what a dog should not eat?

We talked about staying safe around dogs and what to do if a dog you don’t know comes up to you. Can you remember what to do?

We all got a certificate to say that we had listened well and participated in the session. Well done everyone 🙂


Parents/ Carers if you want to find out any more about The Dogs Trust you can go to their website by clicking here.



A Visit From Penny and Sheldon

We had some special visitors this week while we were thinking about pets. Penny and Sheldon usually live at Mrs Griffiths’ house but she kindly brought them to school for the day.


Everyone loved meeting the tortoises although a couple of us were a little nervous to begin with. We did lots of talking about the tortoises which Miss Parker recorded in our new Floor Book.


We thought about some of our pets at home and Miss Parker wrote down what we said.


Parents/carers- if you have pets at home and your child helps to take care of them please write out a WOW moment to add to your child’s collection and we’ll display it in the classroom.