Our Awards This Week- Summer 1 Week 2

We are so proud of the children in Onyx class this week. They are really starting to demonstrate how much they have learnt during the school year and show how far they have progressed.To celebrate their amazing successes we are going to start awarding the Mathematician of the Week to the child who shows the most progress or best attitude to their learning in Maths and Writer of the Week to the child who shows the most progress or best attitude to in their writing. This is not just in activities with adults but in their independent learning as well.

We were particularly pleased with these children this week. Our Mathematician of the Week was spotted all week really engaging with Maths activities in the classroom. He was interested in not only adding numbers together-a lot of which he remembers by rote- but also in making patterns with the beads. Our Writer of the Week has not stopped writing all week. She even wrote a note to Miss Deighton asking for slime in the classroom and because she wrote it so well and everyone could read it this week the children are making slime.

Well done to both these children. We can’t wait to see what amazing learning happens this week and who gets the award on Friday.


Patterns Everywhere!

When we were reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar it got us talking about patterns, such as the pattern of the fruit in the story. Can you remember what the pattern was on Monday through to Friday? 


We thought about other patterns and tried making lots of our own. As well as making lots of patterns in the classroom with various objects and media (See Mathematician of the Week post for one example), we tried making patterns with our bodies outside on the park.

This one was explained as, “up, down, up, down…..”

This one was, “jump, jump, swing, jump, jump, swing…..”

The children used the grassy area as well. This pattern was described as, “roll, STOP, roll, STOP…..”

And this one was, “jump, roll, jump, roll…..” all the way to the bottom of the bank.

We all loved making our patterns and learning that it had to keep on going to be called a repeating pattern. It didn’t feel like we were doing Maths at all!

What have we been learning? 

  • to recognise patterns in stories and the environment around us. 
  • to make our own repeating patterns. 
  • to know that repeating patterns have to keep on going and be repeated. Some children were able to make up a simple sequence but then forgot to repeat it. 

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Look for patterns in your home and when you go out. 
  • Have a go at making a repeating pattern with objects you find in your house. You could use knives and forks, different coins, or use colours to draw a pattern. 
  • Challenge your child to make a pattern with more than just two objects, e.g. red, blue green, red, blue, green ……

This Week’s Awards- Summer 1 Week 2

It has been lovely to see our Writer of the Week’s confidence grow. She has gone from not being too sure about writing and rarely having a go in her independent writing to now loving being able to spell a wide range of words. When she did the writing in this example she was only too happy to tell me all about the digraphs she had used and even underlined them to show where they are. We’ve been doing lots of learning focussed on remembering the digraphs in Letters and Sounds sessions. Its great to see not only has she remembered them, she is able to use them in her own learning showing she is really mastering them.


We’ve been doing lots of learning about patterns this week linked to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Our Mathematician of the Week remembered what we’d been talking about and was able to apply it to making patterns at the Painting Easel. She could confidently make a repeating pattern using two colours.


Its been another fabulous week in Onyx Class 🙂


This Week’s Awards- Spring 1 Week 5

This week’s Mathematician of the Week was spotted in the Funky Fingers Area. She was making Chinese dragon tails but while she did this she was also doing some great maths. She was able to count the beads as when she threaded them onto the skewer. She was able to make a pattern with them and also compare the number of beads on the first skewer and the second one saying which one was more! Great job!


Our Writer of the Week worked really hard to write names of his family. He was then challenged to take his learning further and put the words in a sentence. You can see his writing on his individual display in the classroom if you want to see more. Well done!


(Some of the writing has been cropped so his name isn’t revealed)

This week also saw the end of Books at Bedtime. To celebrate all the children (and teachers!) wore their pyjamas to school. Our winner got a special grand prize for reading 15 bedtime stories. We went to a special assembly with everyone else in FS2 and Key Stage One. We’ve all loved reading bedtime stories with our grown ups and hope that we get to keep reading them even though Books at Bedtime has finished.




This Week’s Awards- Spring 1 Week 1

We’ve had some fabulous awards this week. As well as Mathematician of the Week we’ve started celebrating Writer of the Week.

Mathematician of the Week- 

What a fabulous job our mathematician did this week. He really persevered and worked hard to get better at pattern making with repeating patterns. By the time we did it again later in the week he was able to finish the patterns independently. Great job!


Writer of the Week

We couldn’t stop our writer of the week writing this week. She was writing everyday! She really enjoyed writing our story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We’re really proud of how she is writing with such confidence independently.


Well done everyone on a great first week back at school. Its been a wonderful start to 2017 in Onyx class 🙂