Being the Teacher

We had an interesting conversation in class the other week when some of the children asked if they could be the teacher. They said that Miss Parker could go home and get a cup of tea because they knew how to be the teacher and everything would be fine.

Miss Parker explained that, lovely as that would be, it was Mr Sieczkarek who decided who got to be the teachers in school because he was the Headteacher. We talked about how all the teachers had to write a letter saying they wanted to be the teacher and explaining why they were able to do the job. The children got busy writing their letters!


To Mr Sieckarek, I will teach children to write middle name. I can teach them French. Love …

To Mr Sieczkarek, I will teach the children. Love…

To Mr Sieczkarek, Can Miss Parker, can she go home? Love from

To Mr Sieczkarek, I will teach kids to listen. Love from… 

To Mr Sieczkarek, I will look after the children. I promise to teach children how to write properly and keep everything tidy. Love from…

The children took their letters to show Mr Sieczkarek. He was very impressed and told Miss Parker they could do some special jobs for the rest of the day. They got to give out the certificates,  choose the Writing Journal winning ticket for the week and hand out the Star Card prizes.

Everyone was so excited when we went back to class and told them what had happened and when they saw the children doing their special jobs they decided they wanted to be teachers too. We decided it was what we wanted to learn about after the holidays.

Look out for what happens next…


Onyx Class Hairdressers

We had a new area formed in our classroom this week. The children asked if they could turn the house into a hairdressers! Of course we said yes but the children had some jobs to do first. They had to let us know what they thought the hairdressers would need to be the best hairdressers there had ever been.


The very first job was to tidy away all the resources we’d had out for the house.

With Miss Morris’ help the children made all the signs they would need including price lists and posters with opening times.


And then the children could get busy being hairdressers! This included some good receptionists as well to take the bookings and answer the phones.

Our hairdressers didn’t just do hair. There was a nail salon as well so the theme of colour mixing (from the dinosaur) was continued and the children who were interested had a to mix the colours they thought would make the best nail varnish colours. Some children decided to draw their best nail art designs in a booklet to show customers.

We had a great time in Onyx Class Hairdressers. Lots of children from Garnet class came to visit as well. We’ve never looked so good!


Going to the Library

We’ve started to visit the local library at Manor Top every other week.


Everybody has to walk to the library looking after their partner. We have to remember everything we’ve learnt about road safety when we cross the busy roads on the Manor Top.

image image

We also look out on the way to see what we can see. We often look in the chemist windows and the card shop to see what is popular at the moment. When we went to the library there were lots of Halloween goodies. We usually see a tram or two as well.

image image

When we get to the Library we have to remember to use our quiet voices and to walk around the Library. We also have to remember to be really careful with the books and put them back where we find them.

image image image

We are allowed to choose our favourite books although sometimes Miss Parker asks us to find books about what we’ve been talking about in class. We know that the books can teach us more about the things we have been learning.

After we’ve had some time looking at the books were allowed to choose a book to take home. To do this we need a Library card which we keep at the Library. We have to use the special computer and tell it which book we are taking home.

If your child does not have a Library card please ask us in school and we’ll give you a form so you can get one. Or you can get one directly at the Library – just tell them your child is in Onyx class. 

We know it’s nearly time to go home when we listen to a story. Often the Librarian reads the story to us. We get to listen to stories that we don’t have in school.


Can you see our parents in the background too? We love it when our mums, dads and grandparents come with us. We can take lots of extra adults with us when we go the Library so please speak to a member of staff in school if you’d like to come with us, we’ll put your name down. 

Why do we go the Library? What are we learning? 

  • We learn to enjoy looking at books on our own and with our friends. 
  • We learn to read our favourite books and talk about the pictures. 
  • We look for books linked to out learning in class and learn that books can have information in them. 
  • We learn about the job of a Librarian and get to know real life librarians. 
  • We learn about walking safely to the library
  • We talk about what we see on the way to the library. 

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Visit the library with your child and family (Remember your Library card is at the Library and you can still use it even without school)
  • Share books together and tell stories. 
  • Talk to your child about the books they see at the Library and bring home to share with you.