Pancakes Galore!

In Onyx class every day we look at our calendar and talk about exciting events that are coming up. The children were really excited about pancake day coming up! So we decided to do some preparation for the big day!

First, we loved reading the story of Mr Wolves Pancakes!

Can you remember who the main character was?

Our favourite; the big bad wolf!

In our story, the wolf needed to write a list first, and go to the shop, and then he had to follow a recipe to show him what to do!

The children were so helpful, using their phonic knowledge to make a list for Miss Boyd to go shopping.

The next day she got the ingredients, but we didn’t know how to make them! Miss Boyd found a recipe and everyone helped to read it!

First we washed our hands, so that no germs would go in our food! We don’t want to make anyone ill. The children worked as a team to make the pancakes themselves. When we went to the food tech room to fry them, we had to be very very careful. The pan gets very hot, so Miss Deakin fried the pancakes. Can you remember how the mixture changed?

Everyone agreed, our pancakes were delicious!

What have we been learning about?

Measuring time using the calendar and celebrating events with our families and freinds.

Applying our phonic knowledge to reading for a purpose e.g reading a recipe

Being safe, careful and responsible around kitchen equipment e.g. hot pans.

How can you continue learning at home?

Encourage your child to read for a purpose e.g. following a recipe.

Follow simple recipes together, allowing your child to be as independent as possible, talking about the risks.


Pancake Day 2017

We all love pancakes and loved that we got to make some of our own. We had to follow the instructions and mix the batter ourselves. We had to be very careful and remember what we had learnt in Safety Week about staying safe in the kitchen.


Some children remembered what they had learnt when we made pancakes and used it to write their own lists of ingredients later in the week. Leighanna sounded out to write her list.


Mateo drew pictures to write his list and then Jakoby labelled them to finish it when they were making pancakes in the Mud Kitchen.


We used the toppings that we liked to do some maths. We used the cubes to make towers and see which was the most popular before using Purple Mash to create a pictogram. It which easy to see which two toppings were the favourite and we were able to say which one was more and which was the most popular.


We read Mr Wolf’s Pancakes to find out what happened when he tried to make pancakes. Can you remember what happened in the story?


You can see more about our learning if you look in our Floor Book.