Superheroes and more!

As always, the children in Onyx class have been very busy over the past couple of weeks!

When we had lots of very rainy weather we were shocked that the Billy Goats Gruff bridge had been washed away in the floods! The children saved the day by building some brilliant bridges for the Billy Goats. Then we made some wonderful masks of the characters and acted out the story for our grown ups. We enjoyed experimenting with making different sounds using every day objects in our homes, and have been exploring technology in our homes!

Lots of children in Onyx class love superheroes. One little boy has even decorated his whole bedroom with them during the lockdown! So this week we decided to learn about Superheroes! First we read the story Supertato and the Evil Pea, – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmFYrfquR5k 

Can you remember who were the characters in the story? Who was your favourite? What happened at the beginning, middle and end?

Then we made our very own superheroes using the vegetables or fruit we had in our kitchens. Miss Boyd was blown away with the children’s creations! We talked to our family and friends to find out what superpowers they would like. Everyone had different ideas: flying, super speed, strength etc. We made up our own superhero names and some children even designed the most amazing superhero costumes!

We have also been writing lists of all the super heros we know (there were lots!), taking part in a superhero active challenge, and writing our very own superhero stories!

One little girl in Onyx class has enjoyed a wonderful fairy garden in her home!

Another little girl has made Miss Boyd so proud taking care of her little brother! What a superstar!

Well done everyone, your teachers are so very proud of you all! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos from home.


Chocolatey Easter Fun

We had a very busy week back in school. It was strange as we came back to school and it had still not been Easter. Everyone was very excited waiting for their Easter Eggs. We decided we would like to learn about chocolate because we all love chocolate so much!

We tasted different sorts of chocolate and made a graph to find out our favourites. The dark chocolate was not very popular at all. Can remember your favourite?

We made some chocolates of our own deciding which ingredients we would like to make the best chocolate in the world. There were some different ingredients to choose from so we could design our chocolate to take home. We melted the chocolate- thinking about how you melt chocolate- before we made the chocolate. Then we had to wrap our chocolates just like the ones in the shop.


Then on Thursday we found a note and the Easter eggs Miss Parker had bought us were gone 😦 We did not know where they were. However there was a note with a clue so we decided to follow it and see where we went. Every time we found a clue it told us to go somewhere else and follow the chicks. We went all over school and our hunt took us outside, the staffroom, the main hall before going back to our classroom. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we got back. There were our eggs but there was also a giant egg as well. We did not know what it was but there were lots of ideas about what it could be.


We loved our Easter Egg Hunt and we were excited to find the giant egg in our classroom.


Come back soon to see what happens next.