Wonderful World Book Day 2016

We had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day this year. There was lots going on. Our school library officially opened so we went for a look round and to borrow our very own school library book. It was great to see all the books we could borrow and choose our favourite to take home.

We all got dressed up on World Book Day and wore costumes of our favourite book characters. Look how fantastic we look. Can you guess who we are?  

We went to a whole school assembly with Andy Messer who is a storyteller. He told us a wonderful story although we all thought it was gross when the monster was being sick! It was great to be able to see everyone’s costumes in school as well.

We also went to a special session just for Onyx and Garnet class with Andy where he told us another story just for us. We then got to ask Andy some questions about the stories he tells.

And we weren’t finished there! We decorated our door with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with everyone working hard to complete their part of the tree or the their letter to climb up the tree. We had a look at everyone else’s doors round school as well.

What a busy day! We loved it though and enjoyed all the books and stories.

What have we been learning?

  • To enjoy stories and books.
  • To listen to stories.
  • To talk about the stories we hear and the books we read.
  •  To talk about our favourite books and stories. 

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Look at your school library book together and share the story. 
  • Visit the library at Manor Top and take a book home. 
  • Make up some stories of your own together. What’s the silliest story you can make up? What’s the scariest story you can tell? 
  • Go to the Book Shop with your World Book Day £1 book token and swap it for a free book



Look out for our new displays

You may have noticed the new style of display we have in the new classroom. You’ll see on the wall how every child has their own space with their photo and they’ve written their own name. All the teachers are busy looking for some examples of great independent learning to fill the spaces. You’ll see how some of them are already filling up. Because we’re looking for times when your child has followed their own interests and followed their own ideas they’ll all be slightly different. Here are some examples….. (names have been removed from next to photos)

image image


You’ll see a speech bubble and a thought bubble next to the children’s work. We ask the children to tell us about what they’ve been doing and to explain their learning. Then the teacher thinks about what the child has been learning and what they can do next to move their learning further forward. If the piece of actual work is too big to fit in the space you’ll see a photo instead.

image image

Don’t forget to lookout for these new displays when your in the classroom. We’d love to know what you think about your child’s learning.