How to Melt Ice and more…

A wonderful thing happened last week….. it got really really cold and the children found ice outside. Some of them brought it inside and began talking about it. Here is their Learning Story…….

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The ideas didn’t stop there though. We began thinking about where the ice came from and how we could possibly get some more.


Sadly the water we put outside never froze because it didn’t get cold enough again. We got very excited when it snowed though!

We did start talking about frozen food in our freezers at home. Then we had a fabulous idea!


We looked for a recipe and got busy making ice cream.

The children had lots to say while they were making and tasting the ice cream they’d made.

“Are we making chips or ice cream? Oooh, its right freezing.” Harvey S

“We need a dish to mix it, you have to mix it?” Dalton 

“We’re making ice cream and we’re going to taste it.” Pheobe

“Because we have to mix it up” Narla

“It looks like a cup o’tea” Grace

“My hands is freezing” Retaj

“Double bag, that means two. We wanted to try frozen food.” Corey

“Its yummy, its cold. Can we have some more?” Raghd

“My mouths getting cold because I drink ice cream, so yummy” Ya Qing

“More please” Logan

“It was nice. It look like milk. It was leaking at the side” Aiva

Everyone loved making and trying our ice cream. Maybe you could try and make some at home. Its easier than you think and you don’t need a fancy ice cream machine- just some plastic bags, ice and salt! Look below for the recipe. 


What have we been learning?

  • About how ice melts and how it is formed. 
  • Different words to describe the ice other than just cold. 
  • About looking for changes in the things that we observe and how to describe them. 
  • To use the ice we were so interested in to make ice cream. 

How can you continue the learning at home?

  • Try to make ice cream at home. There is a recipe if you click here. We bought a bag of ice from the shop to save us spending a long time freezing ice cubes. 
  • Talk about the different weathers when you wake in up a morning. How many words can you think of to describe them other than cold and hot? 
  • Look for other types of frozen food in your freezer. What can you find? Can you eat it straight from the freezer? Why not? 

Sensational Superheroes

We had a great time learning about superheroes recently. We loved talking about our favourite superheroes and learning more about some new ones.


We realised that lots of our favourite superheroes wore a special cape so we decided to make some capes of our own.

Once we’d decided on our cape design and painted the, we have to wait for them to dry. When they were dry we got to do the exciting part of the process and reveal the design…


It was fun to find out what our final capes looked like. Our favourite part though was trying them on and watching them turn us into superheroes 🙂


We decided to test our superhero strength and other powers in some Superhero PE sessions.


There were lots of other activities around our classroom too. The children loved calling their favourite superheroes for a chat on the phone.



It was great fun learning about superheroes. The children did much more deciding about the own learning and helped planned what we were going to learn. You can see our planning here……. If something has a tick it means that when we reviewed our week we decided that we’d done this. You can see where we added new ideas too.




Lot of fun with The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This half term we’ve been learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar and also some of the other stories by Eric Carle.

The most exciting thing we did was have real life caterpillars in our classroom. It was fascinating watch them grow and eventually make their chrysalis (sometimes referred to as cocoons) and turn into butterflies.


We loved watching them and it generated all sorts of interesting conversations. This is just one of them….


We were sad to say goodbye to our butterflies but excited to see them fly and embark on their new adventures.


Earlier on in the half term we had a fruit tasting session where we tried all the fruits the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate. Some of us had to try some foods we’d never had before which was a bit scary but we found out most of it was yummy.


We did lots of different activities in class linked to the book and caterpillars and butterflies. Can you tell your grown up which was your favourite?

image image

We got really good at telling the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Find the post about our storytelling to see when we told our story to our grown ups.

While we were learning all about the caterpillars and butterflies using The Very Hungry Caterpillar we also read lots of other books written and illustrated by Eric Carle in school and at the Library. We found out which the favourite book was of the whole of Onyx class.