Chinese New Year!

In Onyx class we have loved learning about Chinese New Year. We have had a fantastic time trying new experiences and learning about another culture!

We are very lucky to have some experts in our class, Jamie and Hannah, who have been able to share lots of information with us about how they celebrate at home with their families!

Firstly we loved shared some delicious traditional chinese food, dumpings and noodles, cooked fresh for us by Jamie’s Mummy! Everyone agreed she is a fantastic cook!

After Hannah’s Mummy sent us some interesting pictures, including this one, where you can find out which animal represents the year you were born! Can you remember what your animal was?

The children loved learning about the Chinese Zodiac story, of how each animal came to have a year named after them. We had a great time having our own races outside as the charcters from the story. The children have been learning all about how the ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. are used to show which position they came in.

Then, we watched a video of the chinese Dragon dance in Hong Kong! Everone couldn’t believed how the dragon and the lion jumped and moved! We decided we could make our very own dragon to perform a dance with on Friday.

We had a great time performing our dance at the end, working as a team!

Finally, Hannah had told us about a tradition that we were really excited about. For Chinese New Year, children are given a special red envelope with some money inside as good luck for the year.

We all decided to write our own wish for the year and make our own envelopes to put them inside. Our teacher’s surprised us with something inside everyones envelopes on Friday! Can you remember what it was? Look at all of those excited faces!

What have we been learning about?

  • about other cultures and celebrations that ourt friend’s observe with their family.
  • to work together on a collaberative art project.
  • to write for purpose using our phonic knowledge.
  • to order numbers using language 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

How can you carry on the learning at home?

  • talk about about special celebrations and show children videos of various celebrations.
  • Make some lantern crafts with your children.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

We had a funny week last week with the snow arriving. However, we managed to squeeze in some Chinese New Year celebrations before the snow got us and closed school for a day.

The children loved trying the different Chinese foods and some of them tried things they’d never had before. Not everyone was quite so sure at first but they gave it a go.


We we also decided that we wanted to make a dragon after seeing one on the Chinese New Year book in our classroom.

The children had clear ideas about what they wanted the dragon to look like.  They knew they wanted to dragon to have fire and to have red scales.


We loved learning about the story of the Chinese Zodiac and finding out which year we were born in.

Can you remember the story of the Chinese animals? Can you remember which year you were born in?







Chinese New Year Celebrations

Last week we saw on the calendar it was Chinese New Year and decided that we wanted to find out more about it.

We saw on the picture and on the front of the Chinese New Year book in our classroom there was dragon. We went to look at the Y6 dragon on the staircase in school. It made us decide that we wanted to make our own. We watched a video of a dragon dance and thought we could do a dragon dance of our own. We talked about what we saw.


There was another discussion about Chinese Food. Lots of the children said they’ve not tried it before so we decided that is what we should do.

We also thought what else we wanted to know about Chinses New Year and wrote some questions. Some of us wrote it by ourselves, some of us wrote shared sentences with teacher help.


During the week we did lots of learning about Chinese New Year. We watched some videos to find out more. You can watch them here.  There is one about preparing for Chinese New Year, one about celebrating Chinese New Year and one with the Chinese New Year Story.

We enjoyed having our own races outside and seeing which animal came first, second and third when we ran.


When our dragon was finished we did what we said we wanted to and took it to the Hall to do some dragon dancing. Some of us made the dragon dance and some of us played the instruments for the music.


One of our favourite things we did during the week was we tried Chinese Food. Miss Parker said we had to cook it ourselves so we went to the oven and the microwave to cook it before we could eat it.


You can see more about what we thought about our food in the floor book. You can also see we found out the answers to our questions.  We also loved trying the fortune cookies.


You can see the questions we wrote and the answers we found out here…


We have loved learning about Chinese New Year!

What have we been learning? 

  • about how different people celebrate. 
  • some of the ways that Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year. 
  • to think of questions about what we could find out. 
  • to find out the answers to our questions. 
  • to order numbers and use ordinal numbers such as first, second and third. 
  • to taste new foods and talk about how it tasted. 
  • to move to music and create our own.

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Watch the videos again and see if you can find out anything new. 
  • Have some races in the park and see who the winner is. 
  • Think of some other things that you’d like to find out and look in books to find the answer. 

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We had a fantastic time celebrating the Chinese New Year the other week. The actual celebration was in our half term holiday so we celebrated first week back at school.  Look at all the fun things we did…..

We learnt the story of the Chinese New Year when all the animals had a race.



We had some races of our own to see who the winners were. We talked lots about who came first, second and third to practise these words.



We also had races with the animals in the water tray. We used the iPads and computer to find out more about the celebrations.



When we watched the video we saw a special dragon dance. We made our own life size dragon so we could have a turn. You might see it lurking in our classroom still.


We made some much smaller dragons using beads and pipe cleaners to help strengthen our fingers.



Once we’d strengthened our fingers we were ready to do some mark making. It was hard to try and copy the Chinese numbers. They’re very different to our English ones.



Finally we also had a Chinese sensory rice tray in the classroom for us to explore. The children used this in lots of different ways from filling the red envelopes to using it as a Chinese takeaway!


We had a very busy week and learnt lots about Chinese New Year.