Building Houses

The children in Onyx class have noticed that everyday the houses across the road from school are getting a little taller! You can even hear some very noisy machines at the building site from our outside area! We have been getting very curious, so we decided to go and have a look!

We seen lots of interesting things at the building site, and the children were very curious about which materials were best for building houses! Most of our houses are made out of bricks!

Abdul, “They have bricks and cement and that makes it stick”.

We enjoyed reading the story of the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and finding out how they built their houses! In fact we loved the story so much, we decided to act it out ourselves with children being our favourite characters in the story!

Lots of us have been exploring different materials to build houses! We tested some different materials to see who could build the strongest house: some bricks, some staws, and some sticks. Then we had lots of fun using Miss Boyd’s haridryer as the Big Bad wolf! As we suspected the lego brick houses were the only houses not to blow away!

The children have also been doing some fantastic teamwork in the workshop, transforming a boring old cardboard box, into a beautiful house fit for the three little pigs to live in!

We have had such fun learning about houses and the three little pigs, we decided next week we wanted to learn even more about houses!

What have we been learning?

  • About our immediate environment, and different types of professions such as builders.
  • About how to stay safe when out and about walking as a class.
  • Exploring different types of materials.
  • Learning to enjoy and retell traditional tales

How can you carry on learning at home?

  • Visit your local Libary and borrow a copy of three little pigs, there are lots of different versions available.
  • Talk to your child about different occupations.
  • provide your child with old boxes and materials for designing and building things! Let their imaginations run wild!

Environment Week 2017

Every year in school we have an Environment Week. 2017 was no different. In Onyx class we had a couple of visitors in our classroom. First Michael Recycle came to visit and then Litterbug Doug. Litterbug Doug left a total mess which we had to sort out. It turned out that he was just trying to trick us and teach us about recycling. We learnt how to sort out rubbish and make sure it all went in the correct bins.


We didn’t stop there. A couple of weeks ago Jayden had asked if we could make paper in Onyx class. We gave him a couple of books to see if he could find out to do it and in Environment Week we gave it a go. It took a couple of days to do everything but worked out really well. Can you remember how we made paper? 

We watched the film Wall-E to find out more about how to keep our planet safe and why it was so important. It made us think about plants and how important they were. We talked more about this when we went to tidy our allotment which was looking a mess.


We talked about the weeds as we dug them up and started to talk about the roots and the leaves. It surprised Miss Parker how few children knew about the different parts of the plants so look out soon for some learning on plants. The good news is we knew more about how to grow plants so hopefully the sunflowers which we planted will be growing really tall soon. Keep your fingers crossed! How tall do you think they’ll grow? 

We also had a go at making a model of Wall-E. What do you think?


We had to be able to talk about the shape of the recycled materials that we were using and the properties of the shapes. It was hard to get the round bottles to balance on the neck because they had round faces not flat. We solved the problems and made Wall-E stick. Can you see any other shapes- 2D or 3D- on Wall-E?

What have we been learning? 

  • Why we need to take care of our environment. 
  • What makes a nice environment. 
  • What we can make from rubbish to make it even better. 
  • To sort materials and recycle them. 
  • That a film can teach us important things about the environment. 
  • Why plants are so important to our planet. 
  • To build robots like Wall-E using a variety of different materials. 

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Recycle materials at home using the blue bin and blue box. Ask your child to help you sort the rubbish. 
  • Encourage children to turn the lights and other electrical equipment off as they leave rooms to save energy. Talk about why this is important. 
  • Buy a plant and let your child look after it at home by watering it regularly.

Fathers Day Event 2015

To celebrate Father’s Day we love having our dads, grandads and other male relatives come to spend the afternoon with us at school. This year was no different. We joined together with KS1 and used the FS Yard and the MUGA to play all sorts of sports games and use the different resources. The children loved having their male relatives there and there was a really good turn out. Look at the photos to see how much fun we were having. We hope all the dads out there have a wonderful Father’s Day and like the cards and trophies the children have made.

image image