This Week’s Awards- Summer 2 Week 2

Our Mathematician of the Week was working on sequencing numbers this week. She was able to look at the numbers and complete the sequence with the missing numbers. This involved counting in ones and twos and even counting backwards. She could confidently write the correct missing number and check her answer on a number line. Well done!


Our Writer of the Week also displayed her skills on the interactive whiteboard. She was drawing pictures of her family and then labelling them using her writing skills to sound out and write the words. She wasn’t finished there she decided she could write a sentence about them as well. Great job!

A big well done to both our winners this week- you’re getting even more ready for Year One! 🙂



It was very exciting in assembly on 19th May; we had our first Pride of Prince Edward not only just for Onyx class but for the whole of FS2!

We’re all very proud of our winner and can totally see why she was chosen to be a Pride of Prince Edward. We can’t wait to see if there will be any more before the Summer holidays.


A huge well done to our winner! 🙂