Our Awards This Week- Summer 1 Week 2

We are so proud of the children in Onyx class this week. They are really starting to demonstrate how much they have learnt during the school year and show how far they have progressed.To celebrate their amazing successes we are going to start awarding the Mathematician of the Week to the child who shows the most progress or best attitude to their learning in Maths and Writer of the Week to the child who shows the most progress or best attitude to in their writing. This is not just in activities with adults but in their independent learning as well.

We were particularly pleased with these children this week. Our Mathematician of the Week was spotted all week really engaging with Maths activities in the classroom. He was interested in not only adding numbers together-a lot of which he remembers by rote- but also in making patterns with the beads. Our Writer of the Week has not stopped writing all week. She even wrote a note to Miss Deighton asking for slime in the classroom and because she wrote it so well and everyone could read it this week the children are making slime.

Well done to both these children. We can’t wait to see what amazing learning happens this week and who gets the award on Friday.


Mathematicians of the Week- Week 6

We had joint winners for Mathematician of the Week this week. It was impossible to choose between them as they worked so hard together in the Maths Area counting the domino spots. In fact Miss Parker is busy thinking of ways to make the domino game more challenging to stretch the children’s thinking even further! Well done girls!

Remember to look back again next week to see who the final Mathematician of the Week of 2016 is. In the New Year we’re excited to have Mark Maker/ Writer of the Week as well.