Making Memories

It has made your teachers smile so much to see all of the wonderful photos of you and your families playing, enjoying the sunshine and making memories with your families!

In many years time, children will probably learn in their history classes at school about the “Lockdown”. When you are older maybe some of you will be teachers, or have your own children and tell them all about it! The time when we all stayed at home from school, made rainbows, clapped for carers, and had birthday parties in lockdown with our families!

This week we made something called a time capsule. Some of us created special boxes to hold our special memories, photos and drawings. Then we can look back on them when lockdown is over and life goes back to normal again.

We wrote about our who families we are with in lockdown, and some of the feelings we have, sometimes happy, sometimes worried. It’s important to talk to your grown up if you feel worried; we all feel that way sometimes! We even wrote diary entries about how we spent our days. Some of us have made a poster to remind us of safety measures we have to take for a little while.

Have a look at some of Onyx class’ memories in lockdown from this week. We’ve had new puppies, birthday parties, picnics, learning to ride a bike with no stabilisers (wow!!) and water fights in the sun!

George has been doing some redecorating!
Birthday Girl!

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