More Home Learning!

We are all missing each other lots and lots, so it’s been a real treat for Miss Boyd to get to see your smiling faces at home, and to know that you are okay and happy! Thanks for sending in your photos and videos! While we can’t see each other in person, luckily you can see what your friends have been getting up to on our class blog!

Last week, the weather was beautiful and sunny. Lots of us have been enjoying getting outside for some exercise and lovely Spring air. Some of us have even spotted some baby animals!

Look what Harvey and his big brother found hiding in the water on their daily exercise walk!

Can you spot them? They are baby turtles!

What other animals can you see? Can you see any babies?

There are some baby geese! These are called gooslings! Did you know a group of geese is called a gaggle?

There have also been some birthday Celebrations and VE day celebrations!

For our learning this week, we have been playing lots of different games and making up our very own games, whilst practising our mathmatical skills! We have been doing som adding, subtracting, finding one more and one less, and invesigating shapes! We have been very busy!

Well done everyone, stay safe!

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