Looking after the Environment

Happy Earth Day Greeting Card Of Green Planet In Heart Shape ...

For the 50th World Earth Day celebration, Reception have been doing some wonderful learning about the world around us. We have really enjoyed exploring nature and learning about little things that we can do to take care of our planet!

First we listened to Miss Deighton reading Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts.

Can you remember what happened to Stanley the plastic bag? What happened to the sea animals when they ate him?

The author of the story, Sarah Roberts, explained a little more about how rubbish in the ocean affects the fish and sea animals.

We were shocked to learn how much rubbish ends up in the occean every year! Some of it goes into big holes in the ground called landfill. Lots and lots of it (up to 12.7 million tones) ends up in the Oceans, like poor Stanley!

But there is something amazing that we can do to keep our rubbish out of the oceans and Landfill: recycling! Recycling means to make rubbish into something new!

Onyx class have been gettig creative and making all sorts of wonderful inventions from plastic bags and other bits of rubbish! Have a look at some of the amazing things they made: wings, an umbrella, a high vis tabard!

Then we had a recycling contest! The children have been super busy helping their grown ups to collect and sort different types of rubbish for recycling: tins, glass, plastic and card.

We have also been making bee hotels, bird feeders, and making pictures of our local environment! Some of us have enjoyed being outside riding bikes and flying kites!

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