100 Amazing days of Reception!

Since we started Reception back at the beginning of the year, we have been counting down the days every day to day 100. Our teachers promised that when we reached day 100, we would celebrate with a fantastic party!

Finally, when the day arrived, everyone was so excited. But first… Miss Boyd and Miss Deakin set everyone lots of challenges to complete before our party!

Making a monster with 100 legs! The children put them in groups of ten, then in counted in tens to count them all!

The children worked together to try and write 100 words as a class!

The children used great problem solving skills to complete the 100 puzzle with numicon pieces!

Making a string of 100 beads!

It was tricky on our own!
But as a team the children were able to smash the challenge!

Some of the children found an easy way to count 100 items! Placing each one on the giant hundred square! What a clever idea!

Our teacher’s were so impressed with how we all worked together. Everyone agreed that the children’s fantastic teamwork, resilence and perseverance was amazing! We are so proud of how all the children have grown in confidence, are willing to try new things, and work as a team! Well done Onyx class!

Everyone agreed the children had earned a party! We first had some special pop and some delicious treats Look at all those smiling faces!

We had some music, dancing and party games! Everyone had a lovely time!

In our floor book time we remembered back to our very first day at school! Some people were nervous, some people were excited.

Jay, “I was a bit nervous cus I don’t know anybody”

Carter, “I was nervous at first but then I was so happy”

Remi, “My tummy felt a bit funny”.

Asma, “I was excited”

We agreed that change can sometimes be a bit scary, but we love our Onyx class family!

The children shared their favourite things about reception.

Harvey, “My best bit was meeting kallum”.

Lois, “I love playing with my friends”.

Riley-Mae ” I love all the parties and when I dress up”.

Jay “when we had them noodles for Chinese celebrations”.

It was a very special day of celebrations! Well done Everyone!

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