Christmas Celebrations Part 1

It has been a very busy and exciting couple of weeks on the countdown to christmas in Onyx class.

We talked about what we do to celebrate christmas with our families. Not everyone celebrates christmas, some of our class shared other celebrations that they celebrate with their families at other times of the year.

Lots of us enjoyed putting up trees in our homes and giving presents. We give presents to our families to show them we love them and to thank them for taking care of us. What does your grown up do for you?

Liam, “reads me stories”

Lathen, “Makes me dinner”

Hannah, “Play with me”

We enjoyed learning about why we celebrate christmas. The children had been learning about the christmas stories, practising for our nativity play Hump the Camel. Christians beleive that baby Jesus was born at christmas. The children in Onyx class did a great job learning to retell the christmas story, using Makaton actions to help them.

We had a delicious christmas lunch in school, and we even got to eat it with our teachers Miss Boyd, Miss Deacon and Miss Hukin. That was a special treat! Look at all of those smiling faces!

We decided to put up our own christmas tree! Miss Boyd put up the tree and put on the lights, but everyone worked together helping to decorate it! We thought it looked beautiful when it was finished! Well done everyone!

As the countdown to christmas got closer and closer, every day our elf has been setting us challenges! One day, we heard some bells in the corridor. We wondered who it might be??

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