Bonfire night!

After half term, lots of us in Onyx class had been really excited about fireworks. Some of us had been to see fireworks with out grown ups in Manor top and other places. Some of us had even had fireworks in our very own gardens!

“When I went to the fireworks in the big field, I seen 100 sparks and then it started to Pop!” Kallum

“I like the way it sounded ,blue , green and brown!” Aisha

“The fireworks went pop and whizz and bang!” Lois

We enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes, and how he tried to blow up the houses of parliment. We have been thinking about the sounds that the fireworks made and describing what we could see, hear, smell and feel.

It was really exciting to see our very own sparkler display by Miss Hukin in the outdoor area. They wern’t as noisy as the fireworks we watched, but still made lots of sounds! It was very cold, but that didn’t put us off! We wrapped up nice and cosy and enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate to keep us warm. We had to sit on the crates in a circle so that we were a safe distance away, as we know that fireworks can be very dangerous if you aren’t careful with them.

“They get hot so you don’t touch them” Jay

“They could burn you”. Lathen

“It was like a rainbow” Hannah

“It went fizz and bang.” Atrisa



What have we been learning?

  • To show an awareness of the need for safety and take measures to keep ourselves safe.
  • about special occasions and how we celebrate them.


How can you carry on the learning at home?

  • talk to your children about why we celebrate special events.

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