Anti Bullying Week 2019

Last week was anti-bulling week, so we have been learning about how to spot a bully and what to do if you see one. We all agreed that everyone has the right to feel safe and happy and school, and nobody should have to feel sad or scared!

“If you was punching someone thats unkind and you might hurt them.” Lois

“It’s not kind to call somebody names” Remi

“to tell lies about them” Carter

We know that bullying is different to being unkind just once…

“you do it over and over and over” Lathen

When we made our class promise at the beginning of the year, it was important to the children that everyone was kind to one another. The children came up with lots of great suggestions about how to take care of your friends.

“You could make them a picture” Aniya

“Give them a cuddle” Anaea

“Play with them” Mutasim

“Sharing is caring” Jay

This week we loved reading a very special book called Superkid, all about a little boy who was secretly a superhero and saved his friends from mean bullys. So much so, that we made our own superhero story about how to stop bullies!





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