Healthy Living week

Before the half term holidays it was healthy living week at school. We have done lots of learning about how to keep ourselves safe, healthy and happy.

First Mrs Murch came to visit us with her special friend the pantasourous. He is a really clever dinosour who knows all about good and bad touch. He taught us about good touch and bad touch, and about what to do if we feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

collage (5)

Please follow the link bellow if you would like any more information.


We also talked about how important exercise is! Our bodies need to move around lots when we are little to help us grow and develop. Exercising is really important, so that we can be fit and strong, so we can run fast, and move our bodies freely as we play and learn with our friends. We know that doing lots of exercise builds a stronger heart, bones and healthy muscles. 

“We do exercise when we do PE” Anaea

“We got to exercise when we play basketball” Jay

“You got to exercise so you get muscles and run really fast” Harvey

We had lots of fun in the hall trying different activties, balancing, throwing, catching, jumping. Well done everyone for trying your best! We were all pretty tired out after!

image1 (1)

We have also enjoyed having a visit from James, a paramedic at St John Ambulance. James works in the amulance. If someone is really hurt, his job is take them to the hospital, where the nurses and doctors help make them better. He talked to us about what to do if our friends hurt themselves. Miss Boyd even found us some bandages so that we could practice on each other.


We talked about eating a balanced diet. Your body needs lots of different types of food to grow big and strong. Some foods like sweets are okay, but only as a treat!

Riley Mae, “Don’t eat too many sweeties or you get cavities”.

Aniya, “Fruits are really good for you”.

We all agreed that fruit and vegetables are really good for you, so we decided to make our own vegetable soup!

image1image3 (3)image2 (4)image6 (1)


What have we be learning?

  • to eat a range of healthy foods.
  • to develop healthy habits and keep ourselves safe and healthy



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