The Gingerbread man hunt!

Mrs Murch set the whole school a challenge to make some treats  for the Macmillan coffee morning, to raise as much money as we could for charity. We have been learning about what charity is, and discussing how we could help people. Miss Boyd has been really impressed with all of the children in Onyx class being so kind, thoughtful and eager to help.

Every year group was making different delicious treats. We decided that our class would make some gingerbread men!

Harvey: “We are gonna sell them and make lots of money to help sick people. We could buy them some trampolines. That would cheer them up ”

First, Miss Boyd found us a recipe to follow. We know it’s important to read the recipe carefully because it tells you what to do.

We carefully measured out and counted the right number of cups. Then we had to mix up the ingredients! We rolled out the dough and used the cutters to cut out the gingerbread men. It was lots of messy fun! We worked really hard as a team with everyone helping out!

Miss Boyd baked the gingerbread men in the oven with some children’s help. The gingerbread men were ready and waiting for the coffee morning on Friday.

But… when we got to school on Friday morning, they had disappeared!

What do you think happened?

Atrisa, “the gingerbread men came to life and ran away!”

Jay, “The bad man might have broken in and stolen them.”

Riley- Mae “Someone ate them last night!”

Then we found a clue! We read it together: “I didn’t want to be a snack. Now you will never get me back! You will have to go and look where there are lots and lots of books!

Brooklyn, “there are lots of books in the book corner”!

Miss Boyd told us about a place in school where there are lots of books called the library, so we decided to go there. We alked around school sensibly holding hands and looking out for clues!


Saedi – Grace “crumbles on the floor!”

We followed the clues all over school! We went to the nursery, to the outside area, the dinner hall, the office, even to the staff room, where the teacher’s drink their tea.


Finally, we found a clue which told us to go to the best classroom in school, we knew it must be Onyx class!

We followed the clues all the way back to our classroom. There we found the gingerbread men hiding under Miss Boyd’s chair.

“You should have checked there first!” said Zayyan.

Lois, “The gingerbread men were tricking us! He came back when we wern’t looking”

We each enjoyed eating a gingerbread man. They were delicious!


What have we been learning?

about the wider world, some of the problems people face and how we can help them.

About where different places are in our school.

How following instructions carefully can be very useful.


What you can do at home:

Allow  your child to help with simple cooking, following a recipe.











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