This Week’s Awards- Summer 1 Week 2

It has been lovely to see our Writer of the Week’s confidence grow. She has gone from not being too sure about writing and rarely having a go in her independent writing to now loving being able to spell a wide range of words. When she did the writing in this example she was only too happy to tell me all about the digraphs she had used and even underlined them to show where they are. We’ve been doing lots of learning focussed on remembering the digraphs in Letters and Sounds sessions. Its great to see not only has she remembered them, she is able to use them in her own learning showing she is really mastering them.


We’ve been doing lots of learning about patterns this week linked to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Our Mathematician of the Week remembered what we’d been talking about and was able to apply it to making patterns at the Painting Easel. She could confidently make a repeating pattern using two colours.


Its been another fabulous week in Onyx Class 🙂

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