This Week’s Awards- Spring 1 Week 5

This week’s Mathematician of the Week was spotted in the Funky Fingers Area. She was making Chinese dragon tails but while she did this she was also doing some great maths. She was able to count the beads as when she threaded them onto the skewer. She was able to make a pattern with them and also compare the number of beads on the first skewer and the second one saying which one was more! Great job!


Our Writer of the Week worked really hard to write names of his family. He was then challenged to take his learning further and put the words in a sentence. You can see his writing on his individual display in the classroom if you want to see more. Well done!


(Some of the writing has been cropped so his name isn’t revealed)

This week also saw the end of Books at Bedtime. To celebrate all the children (and teachers!) wore their pyjamas to school. Our winner got a special grand prize for reading 15 bedtime stories. We went to a special assembly with everyone else in FS2 and Key Stage One. We’ve all loved reading bedtime stories with our grown ups and hope that we get to keep reading them even though Books at Bedtime has finished.



2 thoughts on “This Week’s Awards- Spring 1 Week 5

  1. Well done Onyx Class it looks like you worked really hard to earn your awards. Books at bedtime looks like it was lots of fun, we loved wearing our pyjamas when we were in KS1.

    We have some questions we would like to ask you:
    What did you have to do to win your award?
    Did you have fun wearing pyjamas to school?
    What is your favorite book to read at bedtime?

    Love from
    Sapphire Class xx

    • Hi Sapphire class,
      Thanks for your comment. We have some answers for your questions…
      To win the writing award we have to write on our own. We have to write lots and lots of times. To win the maths award we have to do maths when we think nobody is looking!
      We had a lot of fun wearing our pyjamas to school. We we re comfortable and cosy all day.
      Taela-Rose says her favourite book was Room on a Broom because the dragon tried to catch her.
      Corey says his favourite book is Dinosaur Ship because they get treasure.

      Love from Onyx class xx

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