Onyx the Dog Goes Home

Onyx the Dog who we got on our recent visit to Build a Bear Workshop has started visiting the children’s houses.


When Onyx Dog comes to your house you will find the special Adventures book. You can read about our visit to Build a Bear. The children formed the sentences themselves. You can also see what he has been doing at everyone else’s house. Help your child read the words and look at the pictures talking about what Onyx has been doing.

Please help your child add their entry to the book by allowing them to write their own sentence about what Onyx Dog did at their house. If you want to write under it or add more that’s fine but its really important the children get chance to do some writing (with your help)


3 thoughts on “Onyx the Dog Goes Home

  1. Amber class love his pyjamas and school uniform!

    Onyx the dog looks like he is already having so much fun! Amber class would love to know what different activities does Onyx the dog get up to at the weekend?

    • So far Onyx the dog has been to the football and watched his team win 5-1 and hes been shopping at ASDA. We’re excited to find out who’s house hes going to today!
      Love from Onyx class xx

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