Attendance Superstars

During our first ever full time half term in school, we had a great attendance record.

100% Attendance.png

We won the Attendance Trophy for the best weekly attendance in the whole of FS and KS1 a couple of times.

We also won the Punctuality Trophy for the least lates in a week for the whole of FS and KS1 a few times.

Miss French and our teachers were also really proud of us when we found out how many children in Onyx class had 100% attendance for the first half of Autumn term. Can you believe 17 out of 29 children came to school every single day?!? That’s brilliant. A huge well done to all these children…


And also to Jenna who also had 100% for the first Autumn half term 🙂

If you come to school every day for a whole term then you get to go to the special 100% Attendance Disco. For the Christmas 100% Attendance Disco,  Father Christmas often makes an appearance. All the children above still have their invite- they just need to come everyday until Christmas to keep it.

Dont worry if your child has had a day off, we start again after Christmas and the children can work towards the Easter 100% Attendance Disco.

You will have had a individual letter with your child’s attendance on this week. Please ask if you have any questions.

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