Shake Rattle and Roll with the Music Man

We’ve been very lucky over the last couple of weeks because Martin the Music Man has been to visit us.

He brings his guitar and other instruments to play with us and we sing lots of songs. Can you remember any of the songs we have been learning? Maybe you can sing them at home as well. 

Martin will be coming for 10 weeks in total so we’ve got lots more to learn. We’re going to be doing some different music activities as well as the singing.

Don’t forget there is also the Shake Rattle and Roll Music club after school on Mondays with Martin. It is open to any child in Foundation Stage and their brothers and sisters (it doesn’t matter if they are older or younger), the only condition is that parents have to stay with the children. It is held in Nursery 3-3.45pm every Monday. Just let us know if you’d like to join in as well.

2 thoughts on “Shake Rattle and Roll with the Music Man

  1. Hello Onyx class – we would like to ask you some questions about Martin the Music Man.
    Marcel – What songs do you sing?
    David – Are the songs fun to sing?
    Cameron – Do you think you’ll be able to write your own songs?
    Leon – Why is Martin coming to sing with your class?
    Samara – Are the songs hard to sing?
    Tiana – Do the songs have actions?
    Valerie – When did the Music Man start singing with you?

    Love from Pearl class xx

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