Making Butter!

We talked before we went to Cannon Hall Farm about some of the different products that you can get from animals at the farm such as milk from the cows. We were talking about butter and some children weren’t sure where it came from so we decided to find out. We found out that you make butter from the cream which comes from the cow. When were at Cannon Hall Farm we got to see this happen.

Alfie asked it we could put it on the blog so his family could see at home and he could maybe do it again.

Alfie- “I wish my uncle could try this cos he never had it. I wish I could eat a lot of this. What about having homework to make it?”

Before we left Cannon Hall Farm we got some cream (it comes from Longley Farm down the road as Cannon Hall give all their milk and cream back to the calves) so we could try and make butter.

First we talked about the cream and the butter and how they were the same and different.


Corey- I wonder what it smells like…

Holly- Milk is white.

Retaj- Milk is runny.

Lacey- The cream is kind of white.

Then we had to shake. We had to shake and shake and shake and shake and shake and shake…….


Lots of people had lots of interesting things to say.

Corey- I’m doing it as hard as I can. I’m going to be out of breath to play with Reo.

Retaj- It get thick like ice cream.

Alfie- Its really cold. Its hurting my arms. 

Lacey- I’m exercising too. Hey, Miss Parker, a bit more butter peeping out. 

Tanya- I’m trying to make butter. 

Holly- I can see some of it a bit of light, we made butter. 

Suddenly something very exciting happened and some milk came out!!!

Harvey M- I know what she’s done. She’s poured in milk. 

Laura- Woah!

Lucas- Whys there milk in? 

Raghd- I think its turning to milk. Wow, turning to milk!

Grace- Milk is gone white. Its gone all white. 


It only seemed fair after all out hard work that we got to try our butter so Miss Parker got us some crackers and we all tried some. Everyone said it tasted just like ‘normal butter’.

Pheobe- It taste like real butter. I have it on my toast. 

Michael- It tastes creamy like real butter. 

Harvey S- I have butter on toast. 

Holly- Butter comes from cows. 



What have we been learning?

  • Where butter comes from. 
  • To change a liquid to a solid. 
  • To talk about what we see happening.

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Talk about different foods at the supermarket and where they come from. 
  • Find other solids and liquids around your house- How are they different? 
  • Have a go at making butter from cream at home. You can find a recipe here. 


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