Books at Bedtime 2016

For the 3 weeks before half term, we ran the Books at Bedtime competition at school in FS and KS1. Everyone had to read books at bedtime for three weeks with their families and record them on the special sheets. On the last day of half term we had a PJ party to celebrate and even brought our teddies to school.

Research shows how important it is for children to have a bedtime story each night and how much children value the time with their grownups. However, there are increasing pressures on time and many families don’t have a bedtime routine which includes a story. We hope you continue the Books at Bedtime even though the competition is finished.

We held a special Assembly with Mrs Ainsley where we found out who the winner was in each class. There had been 2 winners of books at the end of Week 1 and at Week 2- thats lots of new books going home! 🙂


Then we had a look at lots of books with our friends from Garnet class and also Year One and Year Two. It was lots of fun.


Don’t forget to let us know on a WOW moment if you and your child have been sharing books and stories at home! Which is your favourite book you read together? 


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