New Parent and Carer Displays

Have you seen the new displays in the cloakroom? They appeared just before the Christmas holidays and are there especially for our parents and carers.

The first one explains why your child might sometimes come home a little bit messy. We do our best to make sure the children come home each day as clean as when they arrived but a little mess is inevitable! This display aims to tell you all the good things the children are learning even if they get a little messy while they are doing it. An example is ” This black mark was made with a pen. I am trying hard to develop my writing and drawing skills.” We will continue to do our best to help the children stay clean and tidy by providing aprons and other protective clothing but please be understanding if they are a little messy.


The next one shows you lots of different ways that your child is learning to be independent in school. Often the children tell us they can’t do something, and often you tell us they can’t do it at home, but we see them doing it in school all the time. They just need a little time and patience. Like the display says, “All I learn when you do it for me is you can do it better than me!” Although obviously there are some things that your children will need help with and shouldn’t be doing alone the display will show you what we expect them to do at school.


Finally, there is a display about British Values and how we teach it in the Foundation Stage at Prince Edward Primary. We are required to teach British Values throughout school and you can click on this link to find out more information about the requirements on the School Webpage. In Foundation Stage we weave it throughout the curriculum and the children probably don’t even know they are learning it. You can find out more by looking at the display. You can also see how they link to the certificates and values we celebrate in Friday Mentions’ Assembly.


We hope you like the new displays and they are informative and helpful. Please ask us if you would like to know any more about anything you see.


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