Our Christmas Performance 2015

Everyone did an amazing job last week performing our Christmas Show for 2015. Everyone worked really, really hard to get ready for the show and to remember their lines, acting scenes and all the songs. We practised every day for a week to make sure it was ready in time then the big day arrived.

Everyone was a little nervous waiting in Garnet class in our special costumes but then it was time to go to the Hall.


Then it was time for the show to start. Lots of our families came, so many that we didn’t have enough chairs! When we did the second show on Wednesday lots of people came to see it again!


We did a fantastic job! All our teachers were so proud of us for remembering everything and at the right time. So were our families, look at some of the lovely comments they wrote…


You can see how proud our families were of us.

A big well done to everyone!!! 🙂

What have we been learning? 

  • To develop our confidence and speaking/ singing voices in front of an audience. 
  • To know the Christmas story and why Christians celebrate Christmas. 
  • To increase the range of songs that we know and are able to sing. 
  • To work together to produce a shared end result. 
  • To use the Makaton signs that we’ve learnt alongside the songs.

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Encourage your child to continue singing the songs and other songs that they know. 
  • To talk about the Christmas story and see if your child can remember it. Can they remember any of the other stories we’ve learnt about celebrations in different cultures? (Rama and Sita- Divali)
  • Allow your child to speak to different people, such as tram conductors or people in shops, to continue to develop their confidence when speaking to unfamiliar people. 

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