Road Safety Day

Some of our Key Stage 2 children organised a Road Safety Day on November 6th. It is really important to think about staying safe near the roads all the time but especially now when its getting dark so early. We were asked to come to school dressed in as many bright colours as we could find.


We talked about Road Safety when we had a special visitor come to talk to use about staying safe on the roads so we worked hard to remember what we had talked about before.

At the end of the school day we went to the whole school Assembly where those of us who were dressed up got to walk on the special catwalk. We had the whole school watching us and then we got to watch them and see what they were wearing. Someone in our class even won a whole school prize for the best costume.



You can look at this website to find out more if you want more activities for your child Think! Education for children under 5 or there’s information for parents here. 


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