We saw a poppy on our calendar and some of the children asked what it was. This started another discussion in our Floor Book. We tried to think where we’d seen them before.


Some children bought poppies in school and some children decided to make their own. Miss Parker put out some different materials to make poppies from and the children had to decide themselves how they wanted to make them. Look at all the different ideas we came up with….


We also watched the video of the Cenotaph from Remembrance Sunday and talked about what happened.


We started to talk about London where the Cenotaph is and the Queen who we saw in the video. We found out more by looking in some books.


You can see some of other things we learnt by looking at our Floor Book later in the week.


What have we been learning? 

  • About the national event of Remembrance Sunday and the significance of this day. 
  • About the Queen and the Royal Family. 
  • That we can get information from books which help us learn more. 

What you can do to continue to learning at home? 

  • Look for pictures of the Queen and the Royal Family and talk about who people are. 
  • Look in books (and on the computer) if you want to find out about something new. 
  • Instead of always asking your children how to do something ask them how they would do it first. The poppies might not all have looked perfect but the children thought through the process by themselves and adapted their ideas which is an important skill. 

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