Fantastic Fireworks

We had a wonderful time learning about fireworks. Unsurprisingly all the children were talking about the bonfires they were going to and the fireworks they seen. We talked about the things we already knew about Bonfire Night and recorded it in our Floor Book.


Then we got busy doing lots of learning about Bonfire Night and the fireworks. In PE we listened carefully to the noises the fireworks made and we tried to make our bodies move like the fireworks. We all had a turn then we had a look at some good examples before we tried to improve our ideas.


In the classroom we watched some magic fireworks made with milk! When you added washing up liquid to the colour it made the colours move like fireworks. Everyone used lots of amazing language when they saw what was happening.


We had a very exciting time outside where there were real sparklers. Everyone had to stand back so they were safe and we had a talk about how to stay safe when we were using sparklers with our grown ups.


When we looked at our Floor Book at the beginning of the week some of the children were talking about the different foods and drinks they would like to try during Bonfire Night week. To warm ourselves back up after we’d been outside with the sparklers for a while we had some lovely hot chocolate.


We weren’t finished there. Look at some of the other things we did….


It was a busy, busy week! At the end of the week we looked again in our Floor Book and thought about the things we’d learnt.


(As you can see it was also a very exciting week for one of the children in our class)

What have we been learning? 

  • To use as many interesting words as possible to talk about the fireworks. 
  • To learn some more words which we’ve not used before and know what they mean. 
  • To move our bodies like fireworks to show we know and understand what the words we’re using mean. 
  • To stay safe on Bonfire Night and around sparklers and fireworks. 

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Encourage your children to tell you about the things they see and do using as many interesting words as possible.
  • Although its not Bonfire Night any more you can still talk to your child about safety around hot items such as kettles and other household objects. 



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