Diwali Celebrations

Last week it was Diwali which is a Hindu celebration. We looked at a picture and decided what we wanted to learn. You can see some of the things we said at the bottom of this Floor Book page.


We had a range of activities out in our classroom for everyone to learn more about Diwali. When we were learning the story of Rama and Sita we watched it on a video and read the story in an ebook. If you want to watch the video again you can watch it here. CBeebies Let’s Celebrate Diwali- Rama and Sita Story


We found out the lights were called Diva Lamps and they were used to light Rama and Sita’s way home. We decided we’d like to make some of our own. While we made the lamps we used Critique to help us make them better. We had to talk about what our friends had done well and what we we would suggest to help them make it better. (If you want to find out more about Critique click on this link the whole school webpage about it)



Mrs Ainsley thought our lamps were so good she showed them to the rest of the school in Assembly. We learnt that Hindus put their lamps on the windowsills so everyone can see them. We learnt this by watching videos about what happens are Diwali.


If you’d like to watch the videos at home click on the the link. There are two videos- Preparing for Diwali and Celebrating Diwali.

CBeebies Let’s Celebrate Diwali 

We decided we’d like to try some of the Indian foods which Jessica had shown us in her video. Everyone gave everything a try even if they didn’t like it.


We wrote some of the things we’d learnt in our Floor Book at the end of the week.


Thankfully the Diva Lamps did dry and we could paint them.

What have we been learning? 

  • About the celebrations of another culture and religion to ours. 
  • About a new story- Rama and Sita- and learning to retell it in the correct order. 
  • To try new foods even if we’ve not seen or heard of them before. 
  • To use clay to make a given object and also how to make it better with help from our friends. 

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Talk about different celebrations you have in your family. 
  • Watch the videos again and talk about what is happening and why. 
  • If you’ve got play dough at home, use it to make Diva Lamps and other given objects. If you’ve not got play dough at home look out for a recipe coming soon on this blog! 

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