‘We All Go Travelling By’ Storytelling

When we decided we were doing some learning about transport and how we get to school it was a wonderful opportunity to read We All Go Travelling By by Sheena Roberts.


Everyone worked really hard to listen to the story and remember the different vehicles and colours which we saw and heard about. We used the Makaton signs to help us remember them.

When it was storytelling day we invited our families to school to listen to us tell the story. Lots of them came.


Everyone did a great job and used their big voice because it can sometimes be a bit scary speaking in front of an audience.

When we’d finished telling our families the story we headed back to the classroom to make a special storytelling necklace.


We had to remember which colour all the vehicles and then order the cards to make the story necklace. We got to take it home so we could keep on telling the story at home.

These are the prompt cards which used to help us if you want to have a go yourself.


A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who came. Its great to see so many of your supporting the children’s storytelling in school. We hope you enjoyed it.

What have we been learning? 

  • To retell stories which we have learnt. 
  • To know all the colours and names of different vehicles. 
  • To know which sounds all the vehicles make. 
  • To remember the order of the story. 
  • To tell stories out loud remembering the pattern of the words.

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Keep on retelling the story at home- it will really help your child later on if they have a story bank already in their head. 
  • Look out for the different vehicles on your way to and from school. Describe the different vehicles you see. 
  • Keep practising the Makaton signs for the colours (and vehicles if you can remember them) and use them when you’re talking. 


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