PE Fun!

We started to do our PE sessions before the October half term. Nearly everyone brought their PE kit and everyone did a great job of getting changed themselves. Miss Parker and Miss Deighton only had to help with a couple of items of clothing.

When we were ready we had to walk out of the classroom down to the hall.


When we get to the hall we have to take our shoes off and that means we’re ready to listen and do PE. You can see why its so important everything has a name written in it when the shoes all look so similar!


Everyone had a fabulous time in PE. We get to run and show that we can go really fast and also that we can control out bodies and move slowly too.

image image

In this game we had to listen very carefully to the whistle and remember what each whistle meant. If it blew once we just had to stop, if it blew twice we had to jump up and down and if it blew three times we had to sit down. It was hard to remember, especially at the same time as moving.


We talked about what happened to our bodies when we were doing the exercise. We noticed that our hearts were beating harder and faster in our chests and it got harder to breathe. When we stopped running they went back to normal. We know that in PE we are making our bodies stronger.

What are we learning? 

  • We are learning the independent skills of getting dressed and undressed. 
  • We are learning about the effects out exercise on our bodies. 
  • We are learning to listen and follow instructions. 
  • We are learning to control our bodies in big movements. 

What can you do to continue the learning at home? 

  • Encourage your children to be active- go to the park to run if there is nowhere safe near your house. 
  • Let your child dress and undress themselves.They all do it themselves at school. Even if it takes a little longer for them to do it themselves thats the only way they’ll get quicker. 
  • Talk to your child about what happens to their body if they’ve been running or walking for a long time. Encourage them to feel their chest and talk about whats happened to their breathing. 

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