Sensational Superheroes

We had a great time learning about superheroes recently. We loved talking about our favourite superheroes and learning more about some new ones.


We realised that lots of our favourite superheroes wore a special cape so we decided to make some capes of our own.

Once we’d decided on our cape design and painted the, we have to wait for them to dry. When they were dry we got to do the exciting part of the process and reveal the design…


It was fun to find out what our final capes looked like. Our favourite part though was trying them on and watching them turn us into superheroes 🙂


We decided to test our superhero strength and other powers in some Superhero PE sessions.


There were lots of other activities around our classroom too. The children loved calling their favourite superheroes for a chat on the phone.



It was great fun learning about superheroes. The children did much more deciding about the own learning and helped planned what we were going to learn. You can see our planning here……. If something has a tick it means that when we reviewed our week we decided that we’d done this. You can see where we added new ideas too.



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