Environment Week 2015

The last week of Summer 1 half term was Environment Week at our school. We asked the children again what they wanted to learn and as they’d been learning about Superheroes just before they decided they’d like to find out if there were any environmental superheroes. You can see here what they said on our planning sheet…..


Miss Parker found out there were some environmental superheroes so lots of our learning came from these stories.


You wouldn’t believe the mess that Litterbug Doug made of our classroom. There was rubbish thrown around EVERYWHERE! We had a busy afternoon picking it all up and sorting it into the recycling. Then it turned out he was kidding us when he turned into the litter police. He just wanted us to realise how horrible the mess was!


We also thought of lots of ways to change rubbish into useful items that we could use again. For some items this took quite a bit of thinking but we did it.  You can see one of them below- the bird feeder. That then made us think of other ways we could improve our Outdoor Area.


We also thought of some other items we would like to make our new Outdoor area even better at the new school.  Hopefully Miss Parker can put them on her shopping list.

At the end of the week  we wrote some environmental promises to show we were able to think what we would do to help save the world.



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