Look out for our new displays

You may have noticed the new style of display we have in the new classroom. You’ll see on the wall how every child has their own space with their photo and they’ve written their own name. All the teachers are busy looking for some examples of great independent learning to fill the spaces. You’ll see how some of them are already filling up. Because we’re looking for times when your child has followed their own interests and followed their own ideas they’ll all be slightly different. Here are some examples….. (names have been removed from next to photos)

image image


You’ll see a speech bubble and a thought bubble next to the children’s work. We ask the children to tell us about what they’ve been doing and to explain their learning. Then the teacher thinks about what the child has been learning and what they can do next to move their learning further forward. If the piece of actual work is too big to fit in the space you’ll see a photo instead.

image image

Don’t forget to lookout for these new displays when your in the classroom. We’d love to know what you think about your child’s learning.



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