Day Two in the New Classroom

All the teachers have been busy again today in our new classroom getting it ready for your first day on Thursday. Can you spot any differences from yesterday’s pictures?



Hopefully you can! You can now see all the way through into Garnet class because all the boxes have been unpacked into the storerooms and classrooms.

You can now see what to do when you get to school in a morning. It’s the same as before when the children hung their coat on their peg then went to self register. They can still put their things in theirr drawer too. Lots of the things in our classroom look the same as before.



If you look carefully you can also see lots of other things from our old classroom. Can your child remember when we said lots of things would be moving with us?


There are also some familiar things in Garnet class. Remember the children will be able to go in both classrooms. What can they see that they recognise?


We have also got some new things in our classroom for the children to explore and enjoy.


The teachers can’t wait for Thursday when we get to show you all our new classroom and school. We hope you’re excited to see it.

Come back tomorrow when Miss Parker will show you how to find our classroom all ready for Thursday morning. Don’t forget there will be people to help you find the right places.


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