The Teachers’ First Day in Our New Classroom

On Monday 13th of April the teachers were very excited because they got to go in the new school for the first time.  It was all a bit of a mess when they first got there. All those boxes which had been packed in the old building were piled in the new classroom alongside all the furniture. They didn’t know where to start!


Can you see where your new peg might be? You’ll have to look for your name card just like in the old classroom?

The teachers worked really hard all morning and by lunchtime everything was looking much more sorted.


By home time it was looking even better. You can see some of your favourite areas in the classroom in the next photo and, don’t forget, you’ll be allowed in Garnet class all the time as well to use the different areas in there.


Miss Parker will try and put some more pictures on tomorrow so you can see what else we’ve been doing to make our classroom ready.

We’re looking forward to being able to show you the real thing on Thursday. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and don’t forget to finish your homework pack for a special mention in our first ever Mentions Assembly at the new school.

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