Our Easter Chick Hunt

On the last day of school we found a strange message in the classroom…


We looked around the classroom and found the first clue. It took us a little while to work it out but we realised we had to go to the slide. We knew we were right when we got there and saw some chicks…


There was another clue at the slide and we had to think carefully to decide where we thought it would be. We also looked very carefully and spotted some more chicks to show us the way.


The next clue was much easier and told us to go to the dining room. We had to creep quietly down the corridors so the chicks didn’t hear us coming and run away!


It took us a while to work out the next clue. Luckily Mr Sieczkarek was there to help us because we found it really hard. Eventually we worked out that we had to go the staff room so that’s where we headed next.


We had worked it out right and in the staff room we found another clue. It was very strange being allowed in the teacher’s staff room because normally there are no children allowed in there! The next clue said to look under Miss Parker’s chair which was easy because we know that’s in our classroom.


When we got back to the classroom we found a great surprise. There under Miss Parker’s chair was a basket full of Easter eggs and a note. It turns out it was the Easter Bunny who’d left us the clues and chicks!


We really hope the Easter Bunny does come back next year as we loved the Easter Chick Hunt. It really made us think and was a good chance to look round the old building one last time before we had to say goodbye.

Thank you Easter Bunny!

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