Celebrating Chinese New Year

We had a fantastic time celebrating the Chinese New Year the other week. The actual celebration was in our half term holiday so we celebrated first week back at school.  Look at all the fun things we did…..

We learnt the story of the Chinese New Year when all the animals had a race.



We had some races of our own to see who the winners were. We talked lots about who came first, second and third to practise these words.



We also had races with the animals in the water tray. We used the iPads and computer to find out more about the celebrations.



When we watched the video we saw a special dragon dance. We made our own life size dragon so we could have a turn. You might see it lurking in our classroom still.


We made some much smaller dragons using beads and pipe cleaners to help strengthen our fingers.



Once we’d strengthened our fingers we were ready to do some mark making. It was hard to try and copy the Chinese numbers. They’re very different to our English ones.



Finally we also had a Chinese sensory rice tray in the classroom for us to explore. The children used this in lots of different ways from filling the red envelopes to using it as a Chinese takeaway!


We had a very busy week and learnt lots about Chinese New Year.



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